UMD Appoints Director of Public Relations and Communications

January 4, 2012 – Washington, D.C. and Toronto, Canada – The United Macedonian Diaspora (UMD) announced today the appointment of Mark Branov as UMD’s Director of Public Relations and Communications, the first of its kind for UMD.

Branov’s role will involve oversight of UMD communications and publications, and working closely with the UMD President and Board of Directors on various new initiatives.

“In the last eight years, UMD has grown to have operations in the United States, Australia, Canada, and Europe,” said UMD Chairman Stojan Nikolov.  “As such, we have significantly expanded our advocacy role, and the appointment of a professional to handle public relations and communications has been a critical need.  I am most grateful for the generosity of UMD’s members, donors, and supporters throughout the world who made this possible, and I am confident that Mark will excel at his new position.”

Branov was born and raised in Toronto, Canada, with roots in Bouf, Lerinsko, and Gabresh, Kostursko, Aegean Macedonia.  A graduate of Ryerson University with a degree in Journalism, Branov has had a thirteen-year career in education, business administration, and public relations, including two-year contracts in both Japan and Macedonia.  In 2008, Mark joined UMD as Editor-in-Chief of UMD Voice Magazine (, which he will retain. 

“The UMD’s global advocacy efforts have made a positive impact on the Macedonian Cause,” said Branov.  “I am proud to join the staff of this exceptional team, who are dedicated to advancing the interests of Macedonians worldwide.” 

“Mark comes from a very patriotic Macedonian family.  I have known Mark and his family for many years, and I am proud of his strong commitment to the Macedonian Cause,” said UMD Director of Canadian Operations Jim Daikos.  “Mark brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and talent that will benefit UMD’s continuing effort to ensure Macedonians have a voice.  I especially look forward to working with him closely as we advance UMD’s mission in Canada.” 

Branov can be reached at  or +1-647-741-1919.


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