The Macedonian language, which is spoken by only an estimated 2.5 million people in the world, is the backbone of the Macedonian nation and identity. Macedonians have done everything possible to preserve our linguistic heritage. The Cyrillic Alphabet founded by the Macedonian brothers Saints Kiril and Metodij from Thessaloniki (Solun) is today the official alphabet of the Macedonian language but also other Eastern European languages.

In 2009, UMD was a sponsor of the 7th Macedonian-North American Conference of Macedonian Studies at the University of Utah, and, in 2015, the 9th at the University of Chicago, which acts as a vehicle to preserve the study and the promotion of the Macedonian language. In addition, UMD has funded Macedonian-language instruction in Greece.

September launches the United Macedonian Diaspora – Macedonian Heritage Month paying tribute to the generations of Macedonians who have helped form the fabric of history, culture, and society in our Diaspora homelands. This September, UMD will launch several projects celebrating Macedonian culture to keep our rich traditions close to our family and friends.

Beginning in late September 2022 the UMD will offer online Macedonian Language Courses. The classes are geared towards children and teens with two levels; beginner and intermediate speakers. This project is in collaboration with Slovenika and will be taught by English speaking professors from the Macedonian capital


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