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Founded in 2004 with the aim of representing Macedonian American voices in Washington, UMD is now the leading international non-governmental organization promoting Macedonia and the needs of Macedonia globally as well as bringing education and advocacy for the needs of Macedonian and Macedonians. UMD is registered as a 501(3)(c) nonprofit organization.  Operating in the nation’s capital UMD Washington is a nonpartisan organization that looks at creating lasting connections with leaders on both sides of the aisle, in order to promote Macedonian American interests. Representing the interests of Macedonian Americans across the United States, UMD Washington works with faith leaders, politicians, and other prominent members of the community in order to spread Macedonian culture and bring awareness to issues facing the Macedonian community both within the nation and in the diaspora.

To do this UMD hosts several webinars focusing on education, cultural awareness, and activism. UMD also holds an annual Old New Year’s Masquerade Charity Ball – Vasilica Celebration. UMD hosts an annual Birthright Macedonia, that allows young people of Macedonia descent to travel to Macedonia to be emersed in their heritage. UMD also releases an annual 40 under 40 list that celebrates Macedonias who have accomplished great things in their fields. All these programs are hosted
with the hope of bringing greater awareness of Macedonians; beautiful culture to others throughout the United States, as well as connecting Macedonians to their own culture.


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