UMD’s Accomplishments & Key Activities

• Opened office and hired full-time staff in Washington, D.C. (2008-09);
• Established Macedonia Caucus in U.S. Congress (April 2011);
• Organized largest Congressional Staff Delegation to Macedonia (2010);

• Organized three Global Conferences – 1,500 delegates from 23+ countries;
• Led Macedonia in NATO Campaign (2008, 2010); coordinated 6.8 million+ e-mails to NATO leaders prior to Bucharest Summit;
• Encouraged letters from 23 members of Congress to President Obama; and letters from Canadian Parliamentarians to Prime Minister Harper supporting Macedonia’s NATO membership;
• Published 10 issues of UMD Voice, which has grown into a world premier bilingual Macedonian publication;

United States
• Met four times with UN Ambassador Matthew Nimetz to reiterate the Macedonian Diaspora’s policy of no name change;
• Organized three Macedonia Advocacy Days in U.S. Congress, and one UN Advocacy Day;
• Led the Macedonian-American 2010 Census Project Coalition (2010);
• Hosted roundtable discussions between the Macedonian Diaspora and Macedonia’s top leadership;
• Published opinion pieces in the Washington Times, Foreign Policy Association, among other publications;
• Established a Washington, D.C. internship program.

• Met Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and presented him the UMD Goce Delchev Award (2010);
• Led three delegations to Canada’s Parliament in Ottawa;
• Hosted Macedonian activists from Albania, Bulgaria, and Greece to meet with policy makers in Ottawa, Toronto, and Washington, D.C. (2007-10);
• Sponsored two University of Toronto student trips to Macedonia (2009-10).

• Co-organized and handled media relations for Macedonia Name Protest in Melbourne – 20,000+ protesters (2008);
• Co-organized two Forums on Advancing Australian-Macedonian Relations in Australian Parliament in Canberra and celebrations of Macedonia’s 20th Anniversary of Independence (2009-11);
• Provided management support to Australia Research Council Linkage project “Survey of the Macedonian Community and Links with Macedonia,” in partnership with the Macedonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Victoria University (2009-11);
• Published seven op-ed pieces on Australian Foreign Policy towards Macedonia.

• Led delegation to European Parliament in Brussels (2009):
• Coordinated 3 million+ e-mails to EU Parliamentarians protesting discrimination of Macedonian minority in Bulgaria (2006);
• Established representation in Austria, France, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, and United Kingdom.

Various Cultural, Educational, and Humanitarian Programs
• Sponsored the Macedonian Film Festivals in London (2009) and Toronto (2009-11); Macedonian Cultural Festival in New Jersey (2008); Macedonian Food Festival in Perth (2011);
• Awarded $12,000 in scholarships to undergraduate students;
• Premiered the movie “A Name is A Name” in 6 cities (2009-10) and “Next Year in Lerin” at the Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival (2009);
• Sponsored 7th Macedonian-North American Conference of Macedonian Studies, University of Utah, Salt Lake City (2009);
• Donated over $20,000 in clothes, supplies, food and medical assistance to children and senior citizens in Macedonia.

UMD is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit in the United States, a registered charity in Canada, and a non-profit in Australia.


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