Generation M 2019: A Year in Review

In 2019, Generation M – UMD’s young leaders’ program – worked towards uniting Macedonian youth from all over the world in numerous ways. Through exposing the diaspora to established Macedonian creators in various media, aiding Macedonian youth in their professional lives and allowing them to express their opinions on certain topics through writing for UMD Voice, the Macedonian community has the ability to grow stronger and closer with each effort. In the past year, Generation M has accomplished so much in the following ways:


           After UMD kicked off the year with their 14th Annual Macedonian Old New Year’s Masquerade in Washington, DC on January 12, which hosted over 120 attendees, Generation M began planning their own social and networking events in cities all over the globe as well as supporting young Macedonians in their careers and ambitions. These include:

  • Le Lee! Macedonian Dinner in Melbourne, Australia on May 24th
  • Moral Compass & Cocktails with Author Erika Teneva in Washington DC on June 15th
  • Macedonian-American artisti Alexandra Sazdanoff Exhibit in Cleveland, Ohio on June 17th
  • Kafana Night in Toronto, Canada on June 21st
  • Escape Room Social – Glendale, California on August 4th
  • Macedonian Independence Day Potomac Riverboat Cruise in Washington, DC on September 8th
  • MAK Mixer in Chicago, Illinois on October 18th

Generation M also played an integral part in organizing screenings of director Jani Bojadzi’s film Mocking of Christ across Canada and the US. The screenings reached over 1,000 viewers in the following cities:

  • Detroit, February 15th
  • Washington DC, March 2nd
  • Toronto, March 24th
  • Cleveland, March 29th
  • Cedar Grove, March 30th 
  • Columbus, April 3rd
  • Los Angeles, April 5th
  • NYC, April 10th
  • Chicago, April 11th
  • Rochester, April 12th

The Toronto screening on March 24th was especially notable as it consisted of 200+ attendees alone after selling out twice, a great accomplishment for the community. This is suitable as Generation M also partook in aiding in the community’s annual Macedonian Film Festival in Toronto later on, during the weekend of October 18th to 21st.

As well, screenings of director Gjorce Stavreski’s Secret Ingredient were held in 3 American cities:

  • Phoenix, Arizona which held screenings at the Phoenix Film Festival on April 8th, 12th and 13th
  • Fort Lauderdale, Florida on May 6th
  • Chicago, Illinois on May 9th

Generation M also created opportunities for youth to expand their knowledge on various topics regarding Macedonia, most notably at the 5th Macedonian-American Leadership Conference held in Miami on the weekend of February 8th-10th, hosting over 50 attendees. This opened up discussion for matters such as U.S.-Macedonia relations and women’s role in leadership and making progress in our communities.

Events were also held to expand youths’ knowledge of Generation M’s activities as well, especially for the Birthright Macedonia program, which celebrated its 5th anniversary this past summer. Information sessions on the program, totalling over 100 attendees, were held in the following cities:

  • Toronto, Canada: February 3rd and May 12th 
  • Mississauga, Canada: March 16th,
  • Melbourne, Australia: April 19th, 
  • Windsor, Canada: April 27th and 28th

Generation M also had the opportunity to host Professional Foundations with Aleks. Consisting of a three-part series, Aleksandra Trpkoska held online workshops once a month via Facebook Live that covered main topics in the scope of continuing education and professional development for youth. The series has gained over 6,700 views and counting, allowing many to gain insight on topics such as budgeting, job interviews and résumés. 

UMD Voice

Generation M also took initiative for youth to express themselves by writing for UMD Voice online magazine blog. The articles vary greatly amongst topics and styles, totalling to over 22,000 reads, the articles consisted of the following:

  • UMD Voice Interview: Dukyan – Luxury Fashion Label by Elena Dunovska And Nikol Mitanoska written by Kristina Dimitrievski on January 8th
  • Advocacy in D.C. For Macedonians Is Needed Now Than Ever Before written by Marija Georgievski on January 14th
  • Poem: I Exist. written by Marija Anevska on January 23rd 
  • Institutions and Identity: Their Impact on Macedonia’s Economic Development written by Ilija Vlcevski on January 29th 
  • The Prespa Agreement Is A Mess — Here’s What We Do Next. written by Mario Hristovski on February 6th 
  • Macedonia: Name Change Yet No Change at All? written by Stefani Taskova on February 24th
  • UMD Voice Interview: Erika Teneva, Author of Moral Compass written by Kristina Dimitrievski on February 28th 
  • Prespa Agreement Provisions Nullify Macedonians’ Rights to Repatriate written by Danilo Gjukovikj on March 5th 
  • Macedonians Elect Their New President on Sunday. Here’s What We Can Expect written by Danilo Gjukovik on May 3rd
  • The Prespa Agreement Unwrapped written by Alek Vasilevski on May 23rd
  • Izabela Barakovska Learns the Ropes on Diplomacy and Democracy During Un Australia’s Young Diplomats Tour written by Izabela Barakovska on June 13th
  • UMD Voice Interview: Life in The Fast-Lane with Race-Car Driver Kristian Talevski written by Kristina Dimitrievski on October 10th
  • Failed EU Membership and New Elections: Chance for Revival or More of The Same? written by Danilo Gjukovikj on October 22nd
  • Is Estonia’s Economic Model an Example for Macedonia? written by Danilo Gjukovikj on October 25th

If you are looking to write for UMD Voice, submit your articles to


Generation M has continued to pursue many initiatives that cater to developing Macedonian youth in the professional world while still keeping them connected to their heritage. One of Generation M’s greater initiatives is the Birthright Macedonia program, which completed its 5th run-through this year, hosting nine participants who were able to gain Macedonian experience in their field of choice this past summer.

If you are a youth between the ages of 18-29 looking to do the same apply here today for 2020.

A little closer to home, Generation M also supported the UMD fellowship in Washington DC year-round. Hosting a total of 9 fellows in the past year, the program has provided a starting point for youth who aim to enter careers in fields such as foreign policy, journalism, advocacy, government, and more. 

Apply to be a fellow in the next session here.

The Bitove Scholarship takes focus on helping Macedonian youth financially as they pursue their studies. The program this year has been able to provide scholarships to 11 Macedonian students in various degrees. 

Learn more about the Bitove Scholarship’s 2019 recipients here.

Overall, Generation M has been able to make great strides in 2019, but this is only the beginning. Generation M will constantly aim to unite, empower, and educate Macedonian youth, and will grow in the various ways we aim to do so. We hope the new year will bring more opportunities, successes and motivation for many years to come. 

To be involved in Generation M’s successes in the new year register here.

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