Rediscover your Macedonian heritage, or discover it for the first time. Come with a friend or come alone and leave with friends. Visit Macedonia, the land of your ancestors.

BIRTHRIGHT MACEDONIA offers Macedonian youth from around the world the opportunity to proudly declare their Macedonian identity and assert their Macedonian Heritage. Through its hands-on, life changing experience, Birthright Macedonia allows its participants to become fully immersed in their ancestral homeland by experiencing many facets of the fabric of Macedonia and its people.

Birthright Macedonia was conceived and developed by UMD Advisory Council member Peter Dallas, a first-generation American of Macedonian Heritage. He was concerned about the decline of the connections of Macedonians to their ancestral roots, particularly among first, second, and third generation Macedonians in the Diaspora. Concerned with the growing assimilation of overseas Macedonians into other cultures and intermarriage with non-Macedonians, Dallas was determined to do something to help Macedonians abroad maintain their connection to the homeland.

The result is Birthright Macedonia, a fully integrated program of the United Macedonian Diaspora (UMD) headquartered in Washington, D.C., in partnership with the Macedonian Center for International Cooperation (MCIC) in Skopje, and the Birthright Macedonia Bitola Alliance.

Filip Jotevski

An unforgettable, life-changing summer built for any generation Macedonian.

Filip Jotevski

BRM 2015 Program


  • To strengthen the ties between Macedonians living in the Diaspora with the people of Macedonia.
  • To offer Diasporan Macedonians the opportunity to experience the Republic’s daily life and to understand better the country’s economic, cultural, political, and social issues.
  • To encourage Diasporan Macedonians to contribute to the development of Macedonia by sharing their knowledge and life experiences with native Macedonians through volunteer work internship programs.
  • To develop contacts and friendships with native Macedonians and with Diasporan Macedonians that will last a lifetime.
  • To foster and promote Macedonian causes throughout the world.



Time Frame

Program participants will spend three weeks in the summer (June 30 – July 21, 2023) — known as the Summer Session — in Macedonia. Participants who wish to remain beyond the Summer Session 2023 may do so at their discretion.

Age Limit

Participants need to be 18+ years of age. You must be 18 years old on the first day of the Birthright Macedonia Summer Session.


Depending on availability, participants may be housed with Macedonian Host Families, who will provide room and board. Participants may choose to live with relatives in Skopje or Bitola at their convenience. Any arrangement made between a participant and relatives will be strictly private and outside the purview of Birthright Macedonia.


Summer Session 2023 will take place in Skopje and Bitola (a minimum of five students are needed for the Bitola program to occur). Participants are given the choice of either location, subject to availability.


As a participant, you are assigned a pre-designated Internship work program that complements your academic and career goals or general interests. Your summer experience with Birthright Macedonia could earn you undergraduate college credit subject to your college or university requirements.

Free Time

During non-work hours and weekends, participants will have opportunities to meet, interact and socialize with one another, with local Macedonian youth and adults, and become immersed in all aspects of their assigned location.

You have the option to participate in three special HERITAGE WEEKENDS to discover the culture, traditions, history, and natural aspects of the Republic.

Application Fee

There is an Application Fee of $750 if paid on or before May 26, 2023.

Because participation in Birthright Macedonia is limited, applications will be processed on a first-come basis. The last day applications will be accepted is May 26, 2023.


Read the Terms and Conditions


A Birthright Macedonia Summer Session consists of 3 full weeks in Macedonia (June 30-July 21, 2023). The following is a brief overview of a typical summer session.

Day 1

Arrive in Skopje. Register at the hotel designated for overseas participants. Pick up your information packet. Use your free time to recover from jet lag, relax, browse the shops, stroll the bazaars and discover the attractions and excitement that Skopje offers.

Day 2

Attend the opening session for Birthright Macedonia, and meet your fellow participants and staff members. Depart and meet your Host Family.

Day 3

Visit the site of your internship and meet your fellow Macedonian co-workers. Become acclimated with your work environment and begin work in your chosen field.

Days 4-20

Become immersed in your internship work. Learn new work procedures and share your knowledge and experiences with your native fellow workers. After work hours, socialize with your internship colleagues, Host Family members, and other Birthright participants. Interacting with all three groups will help build lasting friendships for you and them.

Day 21

Participate in the closing ceremonies of Birthright Macedonia. Say farewell to your fellow overseas Birthright Macedonia participants, Host Family, and staff members.

Day 22

Depart Skopje and head for home, or remain in Macedonia.


Internships and Free Time


An essential part of your participation in Birthright Macedonia is the opportunity to work at an internship consistent with your academic, work, or general interests.

During the internship, you will work alongside native Macedonians and perhaps other participants with similar interests. The program allows you to fully immerse yourself in work and aspirations of the Macedonian people. In addition to gaining hands-on experience from your internship, you will become immersed in contemporary Macedonia’s social and economic fabric.

After your internship, you will receive a Certificate of Completion, which will acknowledge your effort and contribution to Macedonia’s people. You may find this Certificate to be a valuable component of your academic or work resumes.

You may be able to receive college credit for your participation in Birthright Macedonia. Check with your college or university.

Free Time

  • Spend your free time in the myriad of opportunities Macedonia offers you.
  • Participate in three HERITAGE WEEKENDS to discover the Republic’s culture, history, and natural beauty.
  • Interact and socialize with your Host Family members and colleagues from your internship program.
  • Socialize with fellow overseas participants and with native youth.
  • Visit family relatives you have living in Macedonia.
  • Enjoy the friendliness of the Macedonian people and the beauty of the country.


Costs and Accommodations


Overseas participants can stay with a Host Family. Enjoy your home away from home with an abundance of Macedonian hospitality.

You can live with your relatives during Birthright Macedonia, provided they reside in Skopje or Bitola.

You will be responsible for the cost of accommodations and meals outside your host family’s home.


The overseas participant will be responsible for the following expenses:

  • The application Fee is payable when you submit your Application. The Application Fee is $750 if paid on or before May 26, 2023. 
  • The fee is not refundable if you are accepted to participate in the program. If you are not accepted, you will receive a refund. You can pay the Application fee by clicking HERE
  • Round trip flight to Macedonia.
  • Passport and visa expenses (if applicable).
  • Medical/accident/travel insurance.
  • Meals and hotel accommodations on the first day and the last day of your stay in Macedonia. 
  • Travel and related costs in Macedonia during free time.
  • Food and related costs during free time. Depending on the work schedule of your internship, you may need to buy some meals.
  • Personal and miscellaneous items.



Because participation in Birthright Macedonia is limited, applications will be processed on a first-come basis. Please submit your application form no later than May 26, 2023.

Before applying, please read the Terms and Conditions.


FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What is Birthright Macedonia?

Birthright Macedonia is a unique program administered by the United Macedonian Diaspora (UMD) and its partners in Macedonia, the Macedonian Center for International Cooperation (MCIC), and the Birthright Macedonia Bitola Alliance. This program offers Macedonian youth from around the world the opportunity to gather in our ancient homeland for three weeks during the summer (called a Summer Session).

As a participant, you will be engaged in an internship work program, which you may use in your college or employment resumes. You will choose a work activity in a field that interests you or is compatible with your academic or work goals. You will live with a Macedonian Host Family during your stay in Macedonia.

Where does BIRTHRIGHT MACEDONIA take place?

The Birthright Macedonia Summer Session for 2023 will be held in Skopje, the capital of the Republic of Macedonia, and Bitola.

How long is the Summer Session, and when does it start?

The session is 21 days long. The starting date is June 30, 2023, and the ending is July 21, 2023. Please ensure that you leave after July 21st, as typically, there is a closing ceremony on the final day.

What ages are eligible to participate?

18+ years of age.

Do I have to be of Macedonian ancestry for me to attend?

Anyone of Macedonian ancestry is eligible to attend.

Do I need to speak Macedonian?

You do not need to speak the Macedonian language. But of course, you will be exposed to the language and Macedonia’s rich cultural heritage during your stay in Macedonia.

Can I visit relatives and friends in Macedonia during the Summer Session? Can my relatives and friends visit me?

Yes. This can be done during free time in the evenings and on weekends, but not during work sessions of your internship or scheduled activities.

Can I live with my relatives in Macedonia during the Summer Session?

We prefer your stay in Macedonia to be independent of family relationships so that you will have maximum exposure to the Macedonian culture and people. When that is not possible, you may live with relatives, provided they are within the city limits of Skopje and Bitola.

Do I have to attend all internship-related work and other scheduled activities?

Yes. Birthright Macedonia bears the cost of administering all aspects of the Summer Session, and you are expected to fulfill your internship and attend all scheduled functions. The only exception would be in case of illness or hospitalization during your Session.

I may want to stay in Macedonia for more than three weeks. Can I arrive in Macedonia earlier than the Summer Session start date and leave after the end date?

Yes, absolutely. All associated costs for early arrival and later departure will be yours. Please arrange your travel schedule accordingly.

Is there a limit to the number of times I can participate in the Birthright Macedonia program?

Yes. Because participation is limited, we want to offer the opportunity to experience Birthright Macedonia to all first-time applicants.

Can I volunteer to help with Birthright Macedonia when I return home?

Absolutely. As a Birthright Macedonia alumni member, your assistance would be welcomed in promoting the program to other young adults in your home community. As the alumni group grows in your locale, you will be invited to participate in activities that support Macedonian causes.

What if I get sick or injured during the Summer Session?

Seek medical care immediately. Then, as soon as possible, alert your assigned Birthright Macedonia contact person. Also, you must notify your Host Family. Birthright Macedonia will notify your parents or guardian if you cannot do so.

Please note you must provide proof of adequate medical insurance to be accepted into a Summer Session.

We recommend you purchase travel insurance in addition to the medical insurance you are required to have. This travel insurance should cover flight delays or cancellations and personal property theft, loss, and/or damage.

What should I bring with me to Macedonia?

Please limit yourself to the essentials and pack lightly. You are typically only allowed one suitcase and one small carry-on bag on your flight. Check with your airline for luggage weight and size regulations. You might want to use a backpack as a carry-on bag to use when traveling in Macedonia.

Essential items include Your passport, any medication (and prescriptions) you need, and all flight information for your round-trip journey.

Do I need spending money? How much should I bring?

Yes. Bring enough spending money to cover the extent of activities and travel you wish to do during your free time. You are responsible for the cost of any free time activities you wish to engage in, such as travel or any activities not sponsored by Birthright Macedonia. Credit cards are widely accepted in Macedonia.

Since you will live with a Host Family, your basic housing and food will be provided. However, depending on your internship, you may be responsible for providing the cost of certain meals during the workweek. For example, this may include the cost of your dinner if you are working evening hours on your internship assignment and cannot have dinner with your Host Family.

Is there an enrollment or application fee of any kind?

Yes. There is an Application Fee of $750 if paid on or before May 26, 2023. 

Click HERE to process your Application fee. 

What are some important dates I must remember?

  • May 26, 2023: The last day to apply for Birthright Macedonia and submit your application fee of $750. Also, you must submit proof of sufficient medical insurance coverage no later than this date.

Enrollment in Birthright Macedonia is limited, and all applications will be processed on a first-come basis.


Helpful Information

Things to consider while packing and preparing for your trip to Macedonia.

Clothing to bring:

  • Short-sleeved shirts or T-shirts
  • Jeans / pants / sweats
  • Shorts
  • Sweater or jacket (rainproof is ideal)
  • Bathing suit
  • Sleepwear
  • Underwear, socks, handkerchiefs
  • Sneakers/comfortable shoes
  • Wristwatch and alarm clock
  • Shower footwear (flip-flops)

Miscellaneous items to bring:

  • Passport (see comments below)
  • All medicines (including copies of prescriptions)
  • Water bottle
  • Prescription glasses/contact lenses and related supplies
  • Cash/ATM card/credit card
  • Adapter for electrical appliances
  • Suitcase lock
  • Books/reading material
  • Camera, charger/batteries
  • Journal/address book
  • Mini flashlight or penlight
  • Plastic bags for wet or dirty clothes
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Toiletries (deodorant, toothbrush, etc.)
  • Umbrella (small)

Useful Reminders:

  • If you can’t lift your suitcase yourself, then you probably over-packed.
  • Remember to leave space in your suitcase for gifts and souvenirs.
  • You will be responsible for packing and moving your bags during your stay in
  • Macedonia.
  • Don’t panic if you forget something. You can always buy it in Macedonia.

Passport and other information:

You must have a passport. You cannot travel to Macedonia without one. You should check with your closest Macedonian consulate or embassy to determine if you need a visa to enter Macedonia.

If you do not already have a passport, you should begin obtaining a passport as soon as possible. You will be required to provide your passport number on your application.

You are required to register with the Macedonian police within 24 hours of your arrival.

Currency and money:

The currency in Macedonia is Denar. You can bring your money to Macedonia in one of several ways:

  • Please bring cash and convert it to denars as soon as you arrive.
  • Use credit/debit cards for purchases, and to obtain denars from ATMs or banks. ATMs can be found at the airport and in larger cities and towns. Check with your bank to ensure you have access to ATMs abroad. We recommend you bring a backup card just in case some ATM networks are more widely covered than others. If you lose your credit/debit cards, please contact your bank immediately.

Generation M is the United Macedonian Diaspora’s next generation program educating, empowering, and uniting Macedonian youth around the globe.

Our goal is to invest heavily in our Diaspora’s human resources, educating our communities and inspiring our youth to remain committed to their heritage, meet their civic responsibilities, and explore careers in public policy, government and media, among others.

Find out more on Generation M



UMD maintains a database of Macedonians who attend college or university outside Macedonia. To help us maintain a more comprehensive list, please fill out the form below and we will contact you on ways to get involved.


The UMD John L. N. Bitove, C.M. Macedonian Heritage Scholarship Program provides merit-based scholarships for young and promising students in the Macedonian Diaspora pursuing undergraduate or graduate studies in the U.S., Australia, Canada, or Europe. In 2010, the scholarship was named after John L. N. Bitove, C.M. – a prominent businessman, member of the Order of Canada, staunch philanthropist, and a long time supporter, activist and pillar within the Macedonian Community.

UMD will award up to four scholarships annually, two in the amount of $2,000 each and two in the amount of $1,500 each for full-time undergraduate and graduate students at an accredited American, Australian, Canadian, or European college or university.

For more information on the scholarship criteria and how to apply, email us at

Ana Gicova

I was honored to be one of the recipients of the UMD Macedonian Heritage Scholarship. Thank you for supporting Macedonians in the diaspora in achieving their academic aspirations.

Ana Gicova

UMD Bitove Scholarship Ricipient

The UMD offers internships throughout the year at its office in Washington, D.C. The internship program is designed for undergraduate and graduate students interested in Macedonia and Southeast Europe. The internship can serve as an effective means to introduce and advance a future career in foreign policy, journalism, public relations, human rights, advocacy, government, or the non-profit sector.

Learn more about the internship program and how to apply.

Milka Trajkova

UMD opened my eyes into the world of diplomacy, giving me an inspiring and hands-on experience I will never forget. It taught me the power of persistence, passion and patience – Meto’s three Ps!

Milka Trajkova

Each year, UMD, and its young leaders program, Generation M, host the Macedonian-American Leadership Conference (MALC) and Canadian-Macedonian Leadership Conference (CMLC).

Dozens of Macedonian leaders from various Macedonian cultural, business, and faith-based organizations attend the conferences. An emphasis is placed on passing the torch to our young leaders and equipping them with the necessary skills to tackle challenges and opportunities our community faces.

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