Call for Applications: Internships at Macedonian Embassy in Washington

The Embassy of Macedonia is announcing its 1st Call for Applications for three internship positions in cooperation with the United Macedonian Diaspora.


The program is designed to provide students with an opportunity for involvement in governmental affairs, and to provide a general understanding of the Macedonia-U.S. bilateral relationship through the dynamics at work in the Embassy of the Republic of Macedonia.  

Interns will have the opportunity to work closely with high-level Macedonian and foreign diplomats, and will gain first-hand exposure to the Embassy’s dealings with other Embassies, the U.S. Congress, the U.S. Department of State, and other U.S. governmental agencies.


Students of Macedonian descent, already living in the United States with a legally regulated status, as well as other US students are eligible for the program.  We encourage qualified undergraduates (junior or higher) to apply, as well as graduate students and those in between degrees.


The Embassy offers both part-time and full-time internships.  For the part-time internships, a commitment of at least four to six months is required, while full-time internships are offered for fall and spring semester and during the summer.  Three internships are available each period.


  • Researching on political, economic, and social issues
  • Attending Capitol Hill functions, seminars, public hearings and briefings as well as events dealing on Macedonia and Southeast Europe throughout Washington
  • Promoting Macedonian culture through various events in and around Washington
  • Assisting in the planning and execution of cultural and diplomatic events organized by the Embassy
  • Redesigning Embassy’s webpage structure and updating website contents
  • Coordinating with U.S. governmental agencies to accommodate visiting delegates from Macedonia
  • Creating a database of U.S. Congressional members, their committee memberships, voting records and contacts
  • Assisting the Embassy’s staff with daily clerical and administrative assignments


Prospective interns should be motivated individuals with a record of high academic performance and dedication to the promotion of the Macedonian culture worldwide.  They should also possess good work ethic, excellent communication skills, and bearing suitable for interacting with high-ranking government officials.  Candidates must be professional, dependable, and trustworthy.  Excellent writing skills in English are necessary.  Proficiency in Macedonian is desirable and helpful, although not a requisite.


Internships are unpaid.  We encourage applicants to seek compensation in the form of course credit through their respective institutions.

The Embassy and UMD are not responsible for the relocation cost of the candidates. Interns are expected to find and cover the cost of their own room and board while interning at the Embassy.

How to apply

Please send your application*, resume, cover letter, a short writing sample (no longer than 1,500 words) and references to:

Igor Dukovski

Embassy of Macedonia

Marina Veljanovska

UMD-Embassy Internship Coordinator

Candidates must submit all documents no later than two months before the start of the internship.  All candidates will be screened and their background checked.


Fall Semester: July 1

Spring Semester: November 1

Summer: April 1  

* Internship Applications are available by clicking HERE.




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