The Republic of Macedonia will be secure and prosperous, made possible by democracy, the rule of law, advanced market reforms and a people in full and vigilant partnership with their government at all levels.  Evidence of Macedonia’s acknowledged role as a model for the Southeast Europe region will be its expanding economy driven by foreign direct investment, repatriation of its former citizens and a Diaspora active in all facets of Macedonia’s resurgence.

Internationally, Macedonia will be at peace with its neighbors, will have achieved European Union and North Atlantic Treaty Organization membership and will be a full integrated and active participant in all bodies and initiatives promoting and sustaining regional security, stability and mutually beneficial economic integration.

The governments of Albania, Bulgaria, Greece and Serbia will acknowledge the existence of an ethnic Macedonian national minority with its own culture, customs, traditions and language and will stop the policies of forced assimilation and denationalization of ethnic Macedonian minorities, as guaranteed by the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Helsinki Agreement and the Vienna and Copenhagen documents of the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe.

The Macedonian minorities living in Albania, Bulgaria, Greece and Serbia will be granted the right to the repatriation and restitution of lands, territories, and resources which they have traditionally owned or otherwise occupied or used, and which have been confiscated, occupied, used or damaged without their free and informed consent in the signing of the Treaty of Bucharest in 1913.  Where this is not possible, the Macedonian minorities will have the right to just and fair compensation. Unless otherwise freely agreed upon by the parties concerned, compensation will take the form of lands, territories, and resources equal in quality, size, and legal status.

The Diaspora will be a vital partner for Macedonia throughout the world and linked together in effective collaboration to advance pan-Macedonia interests globally.  A Diaspora wide consensus will have been realized for the Republic of Macedonia to deal with historic and contemporary questions that impact all Macedonians.

It is the sincere desire of the United Macedonian Diaspora to be a leading voice in deepening the U.S./Macedonia, U.N./Macedonia, and Euro-Atlantic/Macedonia relationships and to be the forefront of a comprehensive, non-partisan, Diaspora wide effort to irrevocably secure Macedonia’s freedom, democracy, and security.

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