UMDiaspora Responds to Hellenic Associations’ Letter to Yahoo

Hellenic Associations wrote a protest letter claiming that Yahoo via its Richard Bangs’ Adventures site is “participating in a campaign that borders on the dissemination of hatred and the denial of universally recognized rights of identity and cultural sovereignty.”  Hellenic Associations requests that Yahoo “desist from engaging in state sponsored irredentism and propaganda and stop hosting the Richard Bangs web/blog advertising campaign.”

UMDiaspora’s Letter to Yahoo

The United Macedonian Diaspora (UMDiaspora) would like to thank you for your support of Richard Bangs’ Adventures, particularly his Expedition Macedonia.  UMDiaspora believes this is a highly accurate portrayal of the modern Republic of Macedonia and its cultural heritage.

Despite the protestations of a few Greeks with extremist views that have attempted to deny the very existence of the Macedonian people, your web portal has allowed many people and organizations, such as Mr Bangs, to freely express themselves on the Internet.  For this, UMDiaspora commends your commitment to free speech and the free exchange of ideas.

Mr Bangs’ Adventures are of particular importance to the Republic of Macedonia as it attempts to distance itself from the 19th century nationalist mentality that utterly engrosses some of its neighbours.  Mr Bangs provides highly needed promotional material that can help the Republic of Macedonia boost its economic development through its tourist potential, which is in much need of assistance.

The United Macedonian Diaspora is interested in the free and democratic expression of ideas and the economic development of the Republic of Macedonia and not chauvinistic denials of human rights and freedoms by nationalist extremists within the Greek community.

UMDiaspora would like to encourage your future support of Richard Bangs, and other ‘friends of Macedonia’.  Again, the UMDiaspora commends you for your commitment to free speech and your fairness and support for Richard Bangs.


Hellenic Associations’ letter to Yahoo may be read by clicking HERE.

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