UMDiaspora Condemns Burning of Macedonian Flags

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The United Macedonian Diaspora expresses serious concern and apprehension following the burning of fifteen Macedonian flags by loathing members of the Greek minority in Albania hours before the visit of Macedonian President Branko Crvenkovski in Tirana on November 11th, 2005.  UMDiaspora condemns such racist and nationalistic acts of hate.  The Albanian authorities must prevent or heavily regulate such future incidents as they promote racial animosity and national origin hostility.


Albania’s status, as to civil rights of ethnic minorities, requires serious reform; especially, in relation to the opprobrious governmental conduct against the Macedonian minority living in Albania.  UMDiaspora encourages Albania to follow the model set forth by Macedonia under the U.S. brokered Ohrid Agreement.  This includes: 1) granting the right of education to minorities in their mother tongue; 2) guaranteeing minority cultural and religious freedoms for all groups; 3) guaranteeing all minorities their freedom to assembly, and; 4) insuring minority equality in the state employment sector for all ethnic groups.

UMDiaspora hopes the friendship between Albania and Macedonia will grow stronger, and that Albania will follow Macedonia’s example of a successful peaceful and democratic multiethnic state.

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