UMD: Where would we be now if it weren’t for Ilinden?

The United Macedonian Diaspora (UMD) joins millions of Macedonians and friends of Macedonia globally in commemorating the 111th Anniversary of the Ilinden Uprising declaring the first-ever, albeit short-lived, dream of a free, independent, and sovereign Macedonia, in the form of the Krusevo Republic, and 70 years of ASNOM, when a permanent Macedonian state became a reality. The Ilinden Uprising and ASNOM inspired several generations of Macedonian compatriots to keep working and fighting for the dream of our forefathers to come true, which it finally did in 1991 in the form of an independent and sovereign Republic of Macedonia.

On August 2, 1903 and on August 2 1944, Macedonians, together with their Aromanian, Jewish, Muslim neighbors rose against the occupiers to liberate Macedonia. Historically Macedonia has been a multi-cultural, multi-faith land, and both the Krusevo Manifesto, and ASNOM held to the ideals that Macedonia would be a home to Macedonians, but also all other ethnic and faith-based communities who reside in the country. Today, those who push ethnic agendas as opposed to national strategic agendas in the country are threatening that centuries-old ethnic and faith-based co-existence and fabric.

UMD encourages all parties in Macedonia to put aside their differences and work for the mutual benefit and success of Macedonia and all Macedonian citizens, regardless of ethnicity and faith. UMD calls on the Macedonian government to underscore further importance of reforms to ensure that Macedonia is on its path to a more prosperous future. UMD strongly believes that a stronger focus on improving Macedonia’s image abroad would benefit all of the citizens of Macedonia and will help the country achieve its strategic goals, including the country’s Euro-Atlantic integration.

UMD, and the entire diaspora, stand ready to assist Macedonia on its path to become a socio-economically stable society, and more transparent and accountable to all its citizens.

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