UMD, PrimePoint Partners, DPD Arhangel Bitola Team Up to Help Those in Need in Macedonia

This past weekend, UMD in partnership with PrimePoint Partners and the voluntary fire brigade Arhangel Bitola teamed up to deliver much-needed humanitarian aid in the Bitola, Macedonia area.

The senior citizen’s home in Bitola “SJU Rajder” was the recipient of clothing for the elderly – due to COVID-19 restrictions, the delivery could only be made to the front door of the facility in order not to jeopardize the lives of the senior citizens.

A second donation consisting of clothing and home supplies was made to the Mitreski family who recently lost their home and all their belongings in a tragic fire. A Facebook fundraiser for the Mitreski family has already raised over $4,000 to help them rebuild their lives and we encourage others to get involved.

UMD Board Member and Canadian Director Mary Outow said:

“This project started as a simple idea—send some clothing to those who may need it—but it became much more. Connecting with fellow Macedonians whose desire to contribute to others, especially in the middle of a pandemic, was inspirational. I would like to thank the many Macedonians in Toronto who donated clothing and/or financial support, and especially Chris and Tina Andonoff, for their help and support. Thank you to PrimePoint Partners and Arhangel Bitola, for the amazing work undertaken at the other end of this project. I hope this initiative has connected Macedonians in the diaspora with Macedonians in the Homeland, on a much deeper and meaningful level; it has done that for me.”

Last week, in addition to this action, the voluntary fire brigade Arhangel Bitola held a collective blood donation in the transfusion facilities in Bitola, and once again, showed its humanity in action. “This action is just a small spark of the great desire of our diaspora to help the people in Macedonia and we were very happy to help in delivering the donation” – said Maja Staleska from PrimePoint Partners. “We also had help from the Macedonian Customs in making the process easier for the donation. We thank them for being so helpful!”

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