UMD Launches New Program: Macedonian Companions

July 1, 2011 – Washington, D.C. – On Saturday, June 25, 2011, during the Gala of the 3rd Annual United Macedonian Diaspora (UMD) Global Conference celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Republic of Macedonia’s Independence, UMD launched a new program: Macedonian Companions.


The program is designed to attract 300 Macedonians and friends of Macedonia from around the world to donate $1,000 per year for three years, which would furnish UMD with an annual operating budget of $300,000 over three years, totaling $900,000.  By securing UMD’s operating needs, members of Macedonian Companions ensure the continued success in promoting and advancing our culture and interests across the global Macedonian Diaspora.

Following the superb remarks by UMD Advisory Council member Mark Mitskovski, who initiated the Macedonian Companions program, 35 Macedonians and friends of Macedonia from throughout the global Macedonian Diaspora, stood up proudly at the Gala pledging their support to this important initiative and commitment to UMD’s advancement of the Macedonian cause! 

The Macedonian Companions campaign is the 1st of its kind in the history of Macedonian organizations.  Just as Alexander’s Companions where the most effective military cavalry unit of the ancient world, so will the present day Companions be relative to their influence and ability to provide the Macedonian cause the necessary resources to achieve our objectives as an equal nation of peoples within the world community.

“As Goce Delcev stated; “I understand the world solely as a field for cultural competition among nations.”  If one accepts this premise, then let Macedonian culture, values, and abilities be allowed to compete equally in a world that values excellence and advancement,” stated UMD Advisory Council member Mark Mitskovski.

Under the Macedonian Companions program, UMD will prepare annual strategic plans wherein it defines its intended objectives and year-end reports assessing its progress, achievements and failures relative to its prior strategic plan.    The Advisory Council Macedonian Companions subcommittee will be the managing oversight group responsible for overseeing the Macedonian Companions program.  The funds raised from the Macedonian Companions campaign will be earmarked for use starting January 2012. 

“Your critical support gives UMD the confidence and motivation to carry on the dreams and aspirations of our forefathers to secure the equal rights of all present and future generations of Macedonians worldwide!  Please help us ensure that our Macedonian heritage and values are respected in this rapidly changing and challenging world. ” concluded Mitskovski.

To pledge your significant support of the Macedonian Companions program, please contact UMD’s Vice-President, Aleksandar Mitreski at      

Membership List of Macedonian Companions as of June 25, 2011:

UMD Advisory Council who are members of Macedonian Companions:
1. Mark Mitskovski
2. Ambassador Ljubica Z. Acevska
3. Chris Antoniou
4. George Atanasoski
5. George Markou
6. Jerry Naumoff
7. Minister Gligor Tashkovich
8. Nicholas Thaw
9. Chris Stanwyck
10. Lou Vlasho

Membership List:
1. Stephanie Atseff
2. Alexander Ballios
3. Donco Bauloski
4. Odyssey Belchevsky
5. John L. N. Bitove, C.M.
6. Jordan Bitove
7. Dr. Robert Givelas
8. Tony Joseski 
9. Metodija A. Koloski
10. Dame Krcoski
11. Vlade Lembovski
12. Dr. Lefter Mantse
13. Peter Medichkov
14. Jason Miko 
15. Dimitar Nasev
16. Robert Pasquale
17. Chris Pavlovski
18. Gus Philippov
19. Steve Pliakas
20. Bosko Rajcovski
21. Donald Sazdanoff
22. Vlado Serdenkovski
23. Ivan Trposki
24. Anonymous
25. Anonymous

For more information, please contact:

UMD President Metodija A. Koloski
(202) 756-2244

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