UMD Joins Macedonians Worldwide in Celebration of Macedonia’s National Day

As the Republic of Macedonia advances into its third decade of sovereign statehood, the United Macedonian Diaspora (UMD) joins all Macedonians worldwide in celebrating the 21st anniversary of this joyful occasion.  The progress that Macedonia has made in the past 21 years has been significant.  The country has strengthened the rule of law, created a favorable business environment, improved infrastructure, and has become a net exporter of global security.

UMD calls on all Macedonians at home and abroad to persistently safeguard Macedonian democracy, stability, and prosperity, and work actively to support Macedonia’s rightful name, national identity, language, territorial integrity, and cultural heritage.

UMD believes in Macedonia’s potential to defend the universal ideals of peace and freedom, and hopes that Macedonia will have an opportunity to play a larger role in the international arena as a full member of NATO and other international institutions.  UMD hopes to see greater support from the members of the international community for the universal recognition of Macedonia’s constitutional and rightful name and cultural identity.

UMD would like to sincerely thank those who support UMD’s efforts with their time, their hard work, and passion.  “We call for unity across the entire Macedonian community around the world.  Let’s all stand together at the historical beginning of a new decade of progress for our shared homeland,” said UMD President Metodija A. Koloski.


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