UMD Celebrates 27th Anniversary of Macedonia’s Independence

The United Macedonian Diaspora (UMD) celebrates the 8th of September, the day when Macedonians and all citizens of the Republic of Macedonia realized their century-long aspiration for a free, independent, and sovereign state. In voting for autonomy and sovereignty by a convincing majority of 95% in the 1991 referendum, the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia honored their ancestors – and thereby obliged their descendants to protect the Macedonian name, identity, and history.

This year, 150,000 Macedonians upheld this commitment through 40 demonstrations around the world, expressing opposition to the Prespa Agreement as uncompromisingly damaging to the continuity of the Republic of Macedonia and its constitutional name, recognized by 137 UN member states including four members of the UN Security Council, including China, the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

In order to preserve the Macedonian name, history, and identity – our natural rights that arise from us all – we call for a complete boycott of the illegitimate referendum scheduled for September 30th as the only dignified response to the attempt to interfere with Macedonian statehood and uniqueness.

Sovereignty comes from responsibility!

Happy Macedonian Independence Day and for many years to come – Long Live the Republic of Macedonia!

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