UMD calls for action not words on Human Rights Day

The United Macedonian Diaspora has called on global governments to recognize the right to self-determination for all Macedonians. The comments come as the government of Bulgaria blocked Macedonian accession talks for European Union membership this week (8 December).

UMD has consistently called on governments around the world to respect the basic human rights of Macedonians to be treated equally by its neighbors and by the international community. The governments of Greece and Bulgaria have continually called for Macedonians to forfeit their language and history in exchange for NATO and EU membership.

According to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Charter of the United Nations, and the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union discrimination in any form is prohibited. Self-determination is a protected right, as is the right to freedom of expression and the very right to exist without threats.

Human rights transcend realpolitik and grievance politics, and global efforts should be made to call out intolerance and efforts to humiliate Macedonians because of its name, its people, its religion, and its history.

Stojan Nikolov, UMD Chairman, said:

“I’m sorry to say that Human Rights Day is a bit of a cozy cliche. It’s something to nod at, but scarcely any action is ever taken to support those that are in most need of it. 

“UMD continues to call on governments around the world to support the Macedonian people, not the Macedonian government that did not respect the human rights of its people and forced a name change on its people.

“It calls for NGOs, politicians, human rights organizations, and all election monitoring agencies to rally and stop the eradication of the Macedonian language and identity.

“UMD works with government stakeholders, media agencies, fellow NGOs, and our members to protect the rights of Macedonians. We need your support to continue this fight into 2021.

“If you’re committed to supporting Human Rights Day, support UMD to call out the everyday injustices faced by Macedonians around the world.”

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