UMD Announces First Director of National Advocacy Marija Georgievski


Ohioan Marija Georgievski has been appointed by the UMD Board of Directors as UMD’s first volunteer Director of National Advocacy. Georgievski, a proud Macedonian with roots from the Resensko region of Prespa, for the past year has spent building up the base for greater engagement by the Macedonian-American community and working on developing a 50-state strategy to expand efforts. 

Georgievski has spent her adult life working on putting a spotlight on the Macedonian-American community. Specifically, she was the leader of various events of the week-long Lorain International Festival where Macedonia was the Spotlight Community in a city with a population of 60,000. This was great exposure for Macedonians of that region. Georgievski also danced in her local Macedonian folklore group since the age of 4, and taught dance classes. 

Georgievski, who has traveled to Macedonia nearly a dozen times, is a real estate investor from the Greater Cleveland, Ohio area and has significant experience advocating for landlords, as well as serving in the past as director, board member, and legislative chair of an organization for landlords.

Marija Georgievski said of her new role:

“I am honored to have been appointed to Director of National Advocacy for UMD, and I take this role of representing Macedonians very seriously. I am really looking forward to all of the great work that we will do together, the new friends I will meet and the many memories to be made along the way.” 

“Most importantly, I am committed to working together with the Macedonians throughout the United States to win clear victories for us here and for Macedonians worldwide.”

Metodija A. Koloski, President of the United Macedonian Diaspora, said:

“Marija is an amazing person and I cannot wait to work with her. In the short time, she has been with us, she has shown immense dedication, passion, and results, including bringing on two new members of the Congressional Caucus on Macedonia and Macedonian-Americans. I cannot wait to see the work she will do moving forward as Director of National Advocacy.”

Trajko Papuckoski, Director of U.S. Operations, said: 

“Marija first reached out to me to get more actively involved in advocacy last fall and we couldn’t have made a better UMD Board decision. I am looking forward to working with a fully-dedicated volunteer like Marija to expand UMD’s reach in the U.S. The skills and expertise she brings to this position will be invaluable to UMD’s work in the U.S. benefiting the Macedonian-American community.”

Write to your member of Congress to join the Macedonia Caucus today.

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