Perth’s Macedonian Food Festival Goes International

March 11, 2012 – Perth, Australia – Based on the massive success of last year’s Macedonian Food Festival at Edith Cowan University in Perth, United Macedonian Diaspora (Australia) and the ECU Student Guild are taking the next step to make this year’s festival bigger and better, by inviting the diverse ethnic communities of Perth for the first ever International Food and Culture Festival, on April 19th.
Festivities will kick off at 10 am at270 Joondalup Dr, Joondalup, Perth, with an official address by Mayor Troy Pickard. The event is an opportunity for the people of Perth to share their rich cultures, and to taste the delicious national foods of not only the Macedonian community, but over a dozen other communities as well. Cuisines featured will include: Macedonia, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Poland, South Africa, Italy, China, India, Sweden and others. There will be traditional Macedonian folk dancing, an Italian accordion player, and belly dancers, as well as other fun activities, like Japanese sumo suit wrestling and bouncy castles for the young and the young at heart.
“After the great success of the Macedonian Food Festival 2011, we were contacted by many international groups and clubs that wanted to participate in 2012, and the idea of an International Food and Culture Festival was born,” said UMD Australia Treasurer Robert Pasquale. “It is great to see the Macedonian community in Western Australia leading the way, and it is fantastic to see so many cultures participating. I can not wait to sample all the different foods.”
UMD Perth’s Rob Salevski added: “In a world of conflicting political views, UMD believes it is essential to focus on positive initiatives that seek common ground between cultures, and promote inter-ethnic harmony, as well as upholding the multicultural ideals of Australia. One of the great common denominators around the world is delicious food, and the act of sharing a meal with one’s family and friends. Aside from being a lot of fun, the festival is also an opportunity for grassroots citizen engagement.”

“Based on the experience we had last year, we knew we were on to something special,” said UMD Board Member Dame Krcoski, “and the internationalization of the festival this year is in keeping with the attitude of United Macedonian Diaspora, which promotes mutual respect and camaraderie between ethnic communities, as well as cultural understanding.”

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