Macedonian Items Displayed at Ohio Statehouse for Eastern European Month

UMD loaned three Macedonian items to be on display in the Map Room of the Ohio Statehouse in Columbus where the traffic in April 2019 was over 25,000 people.

The items we loaned were:

  • Lavish earrings with Doves, from the village of Trebenishte, near the third oldest lake in the world, Lake Ohrid, #Macedonia. They are from the 2nd Century B.C.
  • Sv. Nikola (Saint Nicholas) Icon from Macedonia – one of the most popular and beloved saints in the Orthodox Tradition.
  • Some Great Old Stories From the Old Country – Macedonia by Dr. Michael Seraphinoff

The Albanian-American and Polish-American communities joined in the display as well. Above the display were the 2 winners of an Eastern European Month Art Contest from Carylwood Intermediate School in Bedford, Ohio.

Special thanks to Laurel A. Tombazzi, Chairperson of the Eastern European Congress of Ohio for her hard work in keeping Eastern European culture alive in the State of Ohio – home to over 100,000 Americans of Macedonian heritage.

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