UMDiaspora Expresses Gratitude to Australian Parliamentarian Peter Breen

Dear Mr. Breen,

The United Macedonian Diaspora would like to thank you for your energy and activism in supporting the Macedonian people’s right to self-determination. This right is one of the most fundamental natural and basic human rights for all people, regardless of their nationality, race, and religion.

As you mentioned in your speech over 120 countries, including the U.S., Russia, and China recognize the Republic of Macedonia by its constitutional name.  Our organization hopes that Australia will soon follow this example and convey full diplomatic recognition upon Macedonia.

The largest contingency of the Macedonian Diaspora now resides in Australia.  Since arriving in Australia a century ago, the Australian-Macedonians have strengthened the country through their focus on faith, family, hard work, and investment in the community. These proud Australian-Macedonians continue to help build a prosperous and diverse Australia.

Our organization commends you on your noble work and human rights advocacy. We encourage you to continue your support of the Macedonian people’s struggle in achieving self-determination.

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With kindest regards, we remain sincerely yours,

United Macedonian Diaspora


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