Generation M Appoints Fifth Board of Directors

Generation M, the United Macedonian Diaspora’s Young Leaders Program, is proud to announce its fifth Board of Directors. With the purpose of engaging Macedonian youth worldwide, focusing on empowerment, education, professional development, and unity, Generation M continues to push the Macedonian cause both locally and internationally. 

As the most active Macedonian youth diaspora organization, Generation M spans over four continents and six countries – Australia, Canada, United States, United Kingdom, and Italy, with seeds being sown in Germany and Greece. 

The new year brings with it new challenges and new opportunities, and with our new Board Members, we are ready to take on 2021. The future of the Macedonian diaspora undoubtedly remains in their strong hands.

Kristina Dimitrievski, Global Co-Chair states, “I am so proud to continue to be part of this outstanding youth movement for another term as Global Co-Chair. Over the years, I have seen nothing but growth and success from our existing, as well as newer members. We are so lucky to be guided by the UMD Board and Council to continue to grow and assist in the education, cultural promotion, and unification of our youth.”

New Global Co-Chair, Stefani Taskova Miteva, said she’s “excited to be working together with such passionate and dedicated Macedonians from all over the world. Our team worked so hard in 2020, proving its strength in times of a global pandemic, as it managed to successfully represent and advocate on behalf of the Macedonian community, and fundraise for various causes. This highlights the immense potential and capability of Gen M, our future leaders. We are ready to take on yet another year, even better, even stronger, and more united.”

Members of the newly elected Board:

  • Kristina Dimitrievski, Global Co-chair
  • Stefani Taskova Miteva, Global Co-Chair & Chair for Australian Operations
  • Marija Anevska, Vice-Chair for Australian Operations
  • Emilija Dimitirevski, Chair for Canadian Operations
  • Jana Savevska, Co-Chair for Canadian Operations
  • Filip Jotevski, Senior Advisor

Transitioning to advisory roles:

  • Natasha Carovska, former Chair of United States Operations
  • Luka Petrusevski, former Chair of Canadian Operations
  • Petar Petrovski, former Global Co-Chair

Get involved with your local Gen M-ers in Australia, Canada, United States & Europe:

Chicago: Alex Polinsky, Regional Representative 

Greater Toronto Area: Robert Nushis, Regional Representative 

Indiana: Suzi Karamacoski, Regional Representative

Italy: Eva Peeva, Regional Representative

Melbourne: Elena Sekulovska, Regional Representative 

Perth: Izabela Barakovska, Regional Representative 

South Florida: Sara Kastratovic, Regional Representative 

Sydney: Stephanie Sekulovska, Regional Representative

Don’t have a local Gen M community? Join our team and start your own! Contact us at

We currently have several outstanding roles within our global team that we seek to fill. If you are interested in getting more involved and being part of a team that brings about real change, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us: Kristina Dimitrievski or Stefani Taskova Miteva 

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