Documentation: WWII Nazi Bulgarian Occupation of Macedonia

UMD recently came across these historical documents, which we wanted to share with the public.

The Kingdom of Bulgaria was given occupation rights by Nazi Germany (the Third Reich) of Macedonia and Thrace. Successive Bulgarian governments claim that they did not occupy Macedonia but rather were welcomed with open arms by the Macedonian population.

Over 25,000 Macedonians were killed during the Nazi Bulgarian fascist occupation of Macedonia between 1941 and 1944, including 7,144 Macedonian Jews, which were deported on Bulgarian trains to their deaths in Treblinka, Poland.

Below are four images and the English translation below the images done by UMD volunteers who are fluent in English, Bulgarian, German, and/or Macedonian.

Recording (minutes)

The German Embassy is in urgent need of a certified copy of the April 24/27 agreement between the Minister of Foreign Affairs and MP (diplomat) Clodius regarding the former Yugoslav areas, for official use.

Sofia, 7 August 1941

1. In the parts of the former Yugoslav lands occupied by Bulgaria, Germany can smoothly acquire and transfer all industrial raw materials, primarily minerals. This applies not only to concessions awarded, but also to companies that have been acquired currently or later. Germany can smoothly export all raw materials from these areas.

In the areas belonging to the final rule of Bulgaria, the Bulgarian state will favor German interests. The Bulgarian government declares that it agrees that the acquired inventions of chrome ore from the territories west, north, and northeast of Skopje, will be handed over to German possession.

2. In the occupied parts of the former Yugoslav countries on behalf of the German troops, which will be taken over by Bulgarian troops, all confiscations will belong to Germany. Costs for all military facilities located in the areas of the former Yugoslav territory occupied by the Bulgarians will be covered by Bulgaria.

Bulgaria bears the costs incurred by the presence of German troops in the areas of the former Yugoslavia occupied by Bulgaria and by granting loans from Third Reich banks … (not completed).

… are covered. The same goes for future costs in the same area. The Bulgarian National Bank will transfer all accounts from the territory occupied by Bulgaria to the head office of the Third Reich Bank without compensation.

4. In the occupied territories of Bulgaria the enemy’s property is under German control. This does not apply to the property of citizens of the former Yugoslav states.

5. The Bulgarian Government agrees that workers from the areas of the former Yugoslavia occupied by Bulgaria who are already working in Germany will continue to work in Germany without interruption. It (the Bulgarian government) will take care of the further recruitment of workers and will not hinder it.

6. Bulgaria is accountable to Germany and its citizens for governing the designated areas of the former Yugoslav territories, the former Yugoslav states, and the Yugoslav National Bank.

Immediately.                                                        Private.
Military-History Archives
The Ministry of War                           Here – Commander of the 5th Army
Headquarters of the Army Copy: Here – Chief of III Department
            No.  1203                 Map 1:200,000
         22nd April 1941
1/ The Sixth Infantry Division from 23rd April this year in the morning to begin its focus on the occupation of Macedonia as follows:
a/ The Fifteenth Infantry Regiment to be transported through railway lines, in accordance with transport timetables, which will be sent separately, leaving one infantry group at a time in Veles, Prilep, and Bitola and will take over the secure ohrana on the railway line Veles – Prilep – Bitola. The headquarters of the infantry – in Bitola;
b/ The rest of the divisional units to go on foot in two columns on the roads: Radomir – Kyustendil – Kriva Palanka – Kumanovo – Skopje, and Radomir – Dupnitsa – Gorna Džumaja – Carevo selo – Štip – Veles, establishing one infantry regiment with artillery in Skopje and Veles, and the other divisional units – by distribution by the commander of the 5th Army. The headquarters of the infantry – In the town of Veles.
2/ During the on-foot march for every third transition to be given a one night’s rest.
3/ For the daily movement of the division to be brought, according to the given orders.
4/ Supply orders follow separately.
Application: a map in the measurement of 1:200,000 with the applied grouping of the sixth infantry division and the roads to follow. 
Signature: H. Petkov
General Lieutenant Chief of the Headquarters of the Army
Section I 0.1 
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