Chris Evanoff 

Chris Evanoff is the President and Managing Director of Soltec, Inc., a management education and consulting firm. He brings over thirty-five years of senior management and business experience to the field of business process redesign implementation initiatives. His experience spans across a multitude of business functions including: Finance/Accounting, Supply Chain Management, Customer Relationship Management, and Manufacturing.

Through his years of work in these areas, Chris has been recognized as an innovator and uniquely skilled at making change happen. He specializes in working with senior management in large organizations to achieve major financial and operating improvements in many change initiatives. As a result, he has developed a national reputation as an expert in core business process redesign.

During his tenure at Ford Motor Company, he was the primary architect of a complete reorganization and consolidation of the Finance, Accounting and Purchasing functions for North America. His work at Ford has been recognized in a number of leading business publications which includes the Harvard Business Review and the Wall Street Journal. Chris is also a published author of Procure-to-Pay Excellence. This book discusses processes for World-Class Performance.

In recent years, he has lead major process improvement initiatives for many Fortune 1000 companies. His work involved strategic planning sessions with executive management and frontline implementations with process teams. Chris has directed large scale process change initiatives for The Kellogg Company, Ralston Purina, York International, Lennox International, Hunter Douglas, Applied Materials, Intel, Proctor and Gamble and a host of other Fortune 1000 companies.

Additionally, between 1996-2006, Chris was elected to President of The Macedonian Patriotic Organization(MPO). Under his leadership the MPO redefined its self and began to make significant advancement and change in of direction and mission. Chris met with national and international leaders to ensure support of the Repubic of Macedonia. The primary mission was to unite all Macedonians regardless of their chuch affiliations and of their historic believes. The MPO’s achievements were significant and far reaching during his tenure.