18 Macedonian Must-Haves this Holiday Season

With the Holiday season fast approaching, we here at the United Macedonian Diaspora decided we would give our first gift to you, our members and supporters. We all know how stressful shopping for others can be, and decided the best gift we could give you was an attempt to ease your burden. To do so, we have come up with a shopping list of 18 must-haves for proud Macedonians this holiday season!

1) A copy of “Macedonia: Recipes from the Balkans”—a beautifully created collection of 105 classic Macedonian recipes with photographs for each. Learn how to make all the dishes Baba used to and celebrate the vibrancy of our amazing cuisine. Available online HERE! Use promo code: HAPPY2018 for $5 off of your order!

2) A Macedonian Sun Pendant on either a chain or a chord. This way, all of us can keep Macedonia close to our hearts at all times. Order online HERE.

3) A box of handmade Macarons, from Macedonian-owned Vanille Patisserie, so we can support our fellow members of the diaspora while enjoying some yummy sweets and treats! Order online HERE.

4) A Macedonian Travel Guide, for those of us lucky enough to be planning trips back to Macedonia, or for those of us who merely dream about rediscovering our homeland. These guides offer a glimpse into the rich culture and environment of Macedonia, and make all of us eager to return. Order online HERE and don’t forget to apply for a 3-week trip to Macedonia in 2018 through Generation M’s Birthright Macedonia program HERE!

5) Some Evropa Chocolate, Toffee, and Sweets because we all have a bit of a sweet tooth and they come directly from Skopje, the beloved capital of Macedonia. Order online HERE!

6) A copy of “For 91 Days in Macedonia” for all the book-lovers on your list! Peruse at your pleasure (or on your flight to Macedonia) after purchasing your copy online HERE.

7) A “Music of Macedonia: Playing ‘Til Your Soul Comes Out” CD for those of us who have trouble getting our folk tunes out of our heads. Recorded by Smithsonian Folkways Recordings, this CD is as authentic Macedonian as one can get in America. Order online HERE.

8) Bilingual books, so you can read to your child in both English and Macedonian! The Macedonian Language Center’s set of 4 paperback children’s books: “Animals and Their Favorite Colors”, “Needs and Feelings”, “Opposites”, and “Guests” are available online HERE.

9) Chocolate Truffles from Macedonian-owned Vosges Chocolate, so we can support our greater Macedonian community while also stuffing our stockings with really good chocolate treats. Order online HERE.

10) Some Macedonian Red Wine, so you can prove to your French friends that Macedonian vineyards truly are the best. Tga za Jug is available online HERE.

11) A copy of “The Pain-Free Path to College” by Aleksandra Trpkovska for the young pre-professionals on your list. This guide book outlines strategies for professional success, both in college and in professional spheres, and is available online HERE.

12) A Macedonian Flag, so we can show off our Macedonia pride on Independence Day and every other day! Complete with grommet strip, so this Macedonian flag can fly proudly on your flagpole.  Available HERE.

13) A copy of “Macedonia 2013: 100 Years After the Treaty of Bucharest” for your learning of Macedonian history. UMD’s new publication contains 44 papers from the scholars of 12 countries. The book is available HERE.

14) A print of your favorite place in Macedonia—whether it be Lake Ohrid, Skopje, your village, or anywhere in between! This way, you’ll never forget the beauty that is our homeland. Options available online HERE.

15) A course to learn Macedonian Language, or to just brush up on your conversation skills, so that we are always ready to head back to Macedonia. Adult courses available online HERE.

16) A Macedonian National Team Jersey, for the die-hard football/soccer fan on your list! Home/Away Jerseys and other Macedonian National Team paraphernalia available in all sizes online HERE.

17) Of course, a jar of fresh home-made Ajvar, because who wouldn’t want that?! Available online HERE, or if you prefer your Ajvar a bit more spicy, order online HERE.

18) And, lastly, a 2018 UMD Membership for you or one of your family members, to keep the culture of Macedonia alive and to support all of UMD’s programs worldwide! Available HERE.







Remember to shop on Amazon Smiles this holiday season, to help support UMD!

Siobhan Finnerty- International Policy and Diplomacy Fellow

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