10 Years Later, President Trajkovski’s Legacy Lives On

The United Macedonian Diaspora (UMD) issued the following statement in memory of Macedonia’s late President Boris Trajkovski who was tragically killed in a plane crash en route to Bosnia-Herzegovina on February 26, 2004, ten years ago:

“President Trajkovski will always be remembered as a humble, courageous, and determined man with a creative global vision for Macedonia who always put his people and country ahead of personal glorification. UMD believes that President Trajkovski’s vision ‘to create a society based on democracy, the rule of law and the free market economy, ultimately creating a civil society based on trust,’ will prevail, and Macedonia will be part of all Euro-Atlantic institutions. During the 2001 conflict, President Trajkovski called for ‘ballots over bullets,’ which is the preferred way in any democracy.”

“President Trajkovski was a tireless advocate for the full recognition of Macedonia’s constitutional name by the international community, and paved the way for U.S. recognition, which he did not get to live to see in November 2004. His legacy will live on for generations to come, through the continuation of polices he put forth, including multicultural dialogue, religious freedom, and the educational and professional development of youth. The work of his wife and former First Lady Vilma Trajkovska, who visited the UMD office in Washington, D.C. on February 6, 2014, and the Boris Trajkovski International Foundation, is exemplary, not only in these areas but also in breast cancer research and women’s preventive education. UMD thanks and recognizes Mrs. Trajkovska today as one of Macedonia’s finest stateswomen and public servants, carrying on the dedication, work, and passion of the late President Trajkovski who will forever be remembered.”

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