Olivera Jankovska  

Olivera Jankovska, M.Sc., works and lives in Houston, TX where she is a manager at Essentia Advisory Partners and specializes in international electricity and gas markets. Additionally, Jankovska holds two other roles; she is a Nonresident Scholar at Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Policy as well as she is a Global Citizenship Fellow at UNICEF USA in Houston. Jankovska is global citizen, proficient in seven languages and an avid traveler. She has more than ten years of non-profit work experience and she has held multiple leadership roles. Olivera’s volunteering work extends to many cultural, educational and business organizations. Because of it, she was recently recognized as one of the 2015 United Macedonian’s Diaspora “40 under 40”. Jankovska holds an associate degree in marketing for the food industry (valedictorian) from Perrotis College in Thessaloniki, Greece. She received a bachelor of science degree in agricultural business (summa cum laude) from the University of Arkansas, and a graduate certificate in international research & development and a master of science degree in agricultural and applied economics (summa cum laude) from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. She is also the winner of the 2009 Wall Street Journal Academic Achievement Award.