Jerry Naumoff 

Jerry Naumoff grew up in Columbus, Ohio, in a large, close-knit Macedonian family. His extended family owned and operated a successful restaurant for over 30 years. After earning a football scholarship at Ball State University, where he majored in Marketing & Business Administration, Naumoff embarked on a diverse entrepreneurial career in employee benefits, human resources and risk management.

For the next 12 years, Naumoff worked in the employee benefits business with several large national insurance companies, and two top-ranked Chicago-based consulting firms. He has also started other businesses during his career including importing a private-label mineral water called Pelagonia, owning and operating a Bar and Grill, and building one of the first web-based human resources application providers of its kind called Communicare, Inc. In 1993, he founded The Naumoff Group, Inc. and in 2007, merged his company with Benefitdecisions, Inc., an international employee benefits and human resource advisory services firm. Naumoff is currently the Managing Partner of Benefitdecisions.

Naumoff and his wife LuAnn reside in the Chicago area and have six children, including twin daughters, Marija and Mirjana, who they adopted from the Bitola Orphanage in 1999, at the age of two. Two of their sons, Nicholas and Anthony, graduated from the University American College Skopje (UACS) in 2009. They are now both completing their Masters of Business Administration at UACS, and are working full time for UACS. Nicholas is Information Officer for their Networking Department and Anthony is Coordinator for Study Abroad Programs. In his spare time, Naumoff has managed to sit on a high school Athletic Board, coach a 3-time high school conference championship team as its defensive coordinator.