UMD Tribute to Kosta Stanwyck – Canadian Macedonian Community Pillar

With deep sadness, the United Macedonian Diaspora (UMD) mourns the passing of a pillar in the Canadian Macedonian community, and one of our fellow UMD Macedonian Companions Kosta Stanwyck, at the age of 91. May his memory be a blessing!

“Kosta embodied the very essence of Macedonian hardworking drive and entrepreneurship living the Canadian dream – he was dedicated and passionate in Macedonian issues and causes and never forgot his roots and always gave back to the community. This week, we lost a giant in the Canadian Macedonian community, but I pray his commitment will inspire us to unite even more as a community, and support one another as Macedonians wherever we may live,” said UMD President Meto Koloski.

UMD expresses its sincerest condolences to UMD Advisory Council member Chris Stanwyck, Tom, Betty, and the entire Stanwyck family.

Below is the obituary and visitation information:

Kosta Stanwyck was born in 1930 in Armensko, Northern Greece, Macedonia. The town was eventually renamed by Greece to Alona, and when confronted with this name change it stirred something inside of him that felt his identity had been challenged.

As a man of both principle and logic, Kosta oftentimes wondered what his ancestors would think of the name and official language change. We all know what side of the fence Kosta was on. It just makes sense.

With the political and family turmoils playing a heavy toll on many Macedonians at the time, with just $5.00, Kosta arrived in Canada by boat at the age of 18 with a dream of a better life. At 19, he then met Helen Theodore (roots from Rula), a beautiful young Macedonian woman, and was immediately smitten (and so was she).

On the spot, he told her that they would get married… and they did.

His entire life, Kosta only had eyes for Helen and anyone who knew him knew just that. He always honoured his beliefs.

Together, they had 3 children: Betty, Chris, and Tom. Now, the family has expanded to 9 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren. Grandchildren’s names are Jennifer, Julia, Katie, Alex, Amy, Jackie, Steven, Olivia, and Daniel. Great-grandchildren Lillian, Autumn, Piper, and Natalie.

Kosta worked at a few jobs in Foodservice, as many Macedonians do, when he first came to Canada. During this journey, he started realizing that he wanted to work for himself. Kosta had all the qualities needed to proceed and become a successful entrepreneur.

Through his many years, he had an array of businesses giving him the success, spirit, and experience he needed to accomplish the goals that he set. From Cinci Cola in 1963, Queemo in 1965, and Mr. Juicee in 1970 along with many other early business ventures.

Then in 1996 along with his sons, Chris and Tom, Triple A Cheese was established. Feta Cheese and Kosta’s name would be synonymous in Canada, and especially with our Macedonian community. Kosta was very proud of that and was always thankful.

He left Triple A Cheese in 2019 and bought a Motel in Wasaga beach at the age of 89. He renamed it the Macedonian Mermaid. He worked there to the end.

His drive for the Canadian and Macedonian dreams was relentless.

Kosta was also a big part of a team of founding fathers of St. Clement of Ohrid Macedonian Orthodox Church. In the early years, he and his wife Helen volunteered in the kitchens, and Helen called Bingos on Monday nights to raise money to help the church and its future.

As Kosta’s business success was evident, he continued to immensely support the Church financially throughout his life. He cared most deeply for the Macedonian identity always and the Church was a vehicle to support that wish and mission.

Blessed with a personality that was always interesting and dynamic. Kosta also had a sense of humour that was always a pleasure to everyone. Kosta had many loving friends and family. The friendships in the church would last a lifetime.

His favourite place in the world was at his home in Wasaga Beach. Early on in Kosta and Helen’s marriage, they rented cottages together with other Macedonian families at Ethel’s cottages in Wasaga Beach. In 1973, he bought a cottage at Wasaga Beach that he built up over the years and loved. Memories for the family were wonderful and very well fed in so many positive ways.

He spent his final hours there with his family by his side, well-loved.

Kosta died peacefully on January 4th, with his dreams of a better life here in Canada with his loving wife Helen, completely fulfilled.

Kosta Stanwyck loved life and it could be an inspiration for all of us.

Click HERE for visitation information.

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