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Description: The United Macedonian Diaspora provides both in-person and remote internship opportunities as an International Policy and Diplomacy Fellow throughout the year. The program’s purpose is to provide experience for those interested in Macedonia, Southeast Europe, U.S. Foreign Policy, Human Rights, NATO, and the European Union. This opportunity can serve to introduce and advance a career in foreign policy, journalism, public relations, human rights, advocacy, government, or the nonprofit sector through several different networking events.

Responsibilities: May include monitoring legislation and congressional hearings; acting as a liaison between UMD and Congressional offices, advocating on subjects vital to the diaspora; having a basic understanding of current news in the Balkans, and being able to coherently explain said events. Another important aspect of being a Fellow will be attending events to represent the Diaspora. Throughout the internship you will attend events on topics that not only relate to the Balkans and Europe; you may attend events at embassies, Congressional Hearings, academic seminars, and think tank panels, among others. Additional Responsibilities include: drafting letters to Congress and the Executive Branch; drafting press releases and statements to various organizations; monitoring human rights in Southeast Europe; organizing events throughout the U.S. and around the world; updating social media;  and assisting with general administrative duties. 

UMD’s work has implications both nationally, in regard to United States foreign policy, and globally, as we are an International Organization that advocates for Macedonians all across the world. As a Fellow, there is never a dull day, and you will gain invaluable hands-on experience in the multilateralism of international relations and how advocacy plays a key role in the Governance of the U.S.

This amazing experience is open to both Undergraduate and Graduate students. Applicants from any and all majors are more than welcome to apply! Candidates for UMD should expect to work a minimum of 16 hours per week during the academic year and 40 hours per week during the summer. Full-time internships (5 days a week) will be given preference. This position is unpaid. UMD is proud to accept both in-person and remote internships. GPA must be 3.5 and above. Reference letters, a formal resume, and a cover letter are required to be considered.

Applicants must have/be: able to work independently; highly motivated, responsible, and reliable individuals with strong research and writing skills; excellent oral communication skills; strong organization skills; able to collaborate well with others; good at problem-solving; and able to develop own initiatives. Time management and workability are traits that are highly necessary to make the best of this experience! UMD is proud to host in-person and remote internships.

We here at UMD are excited to hear from you!

TO APPLY: please send a cover letter, resume, writing sample, and references to Metodija A. Koloski at 



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