The United Macedonian Diaspora (UMD), and its Birthright Macedonia program, in collaboration with the Australian-based company Macedonia Tours, is honored to launch the GRAND HERITAGE TOUR of MACEDONIA this summer 2020!

“The Tour is created for Macedonians in our Diaspora who have never been to the Republic or who are losing touch with their ancestral roots. However, it is also for non-Macedonians who seek a unique tour of one of the oldest, continuous civilizations. A comprehensive tour that will expose the traveler to the historical and contemporary aspects of the Republic of Macedonia and to the natural beauty of the land” said Peter Dallas, Founder of UMD’s Birthright Macedonia program and UMD Advisory Council member.

“Macedonia Tours is extremely excited to work with the UMD in reconnecting the Macedonian diaspora back to its roots. The Tour will be an incredible way of experiencing our rich Macedonian culture and history while traveling to the best locations in the country. Macedonia has immense touristic potential and we are dedicated to promoting the country and culture world-wide through life-changing experiences,” said Blagoja Maslarov, General Manager of Macedonia Tours.

When Is It?

July 2 -12, 2020.

Led by a licensed guide/historian, Grand Heritage Tour of Macedonia participants will get to experience the best of what Macedonia has to offer – a journey through the ages of ancient and modern Macedonia. Savor the beauty of the natural landscape of this ancient land. Also, Tour participants will gain insight into areas of contemporary life in the Republic that is in dire need of improvement.

For 10 days, 10 nights, explore all that Macedonian traditions offer through song, dance, wine, and cuisine in Skopje, Demir Kapija, Bitola, Krusevo, Ohrid, Mavrovo, and Galichnik where you will participate in one of Europe’s top festivals – the Galichnik Wedding Festival.

The tour is open to couples, singles, and anyone who wants to get to know Macedonia better. Everyone is invited! Come alone or come with family, but leave with lifelong connections and friendships.

You don’t have to be Macedonian to enjoy the Grand Heritage Tour…… but it wouldn’t hurt!


Download the Tour Brochure HERE.

UMD is a leading international non-governmental organization promoting the interests and needs of Macedonians and Macedonian communities worldwide. UMD’s Birthright Macedonia program was conceived and developed by UMD Advisory Council member Peter Dallas, a first-generation American of Macedonian Heritage. Birthright Macedonia offers Macedonian youth from around the world the opportunity to proudly declare their Macedonian identity and assert their Macedonian Heritage. Through its hands-on, life-changing experience, Birthright Macedonia allows its participants to become fully immersed in their ancestral homeland by experiencing many facets of the fabric of Macedonia and its people. Click HERE if you are between the ages of 18-29.

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