Petition Against Any Changes to Macedonian Name and Identity

UMDiaspora has initiated a petition campaign . Signatories to said petition agree to act as human rights advocates pledging to end racial, ethnic, and religious discrimination against people of ethnic Macedonian origin.  Dr. Sam Vaknin, delivered a speech at the meeting of the Canada-Macedonia Chamber of Commerce in Toronto, Canada on December 4th, 1999, in which he stated in regards to the Jewish Diaspora, “Yet, they NEVER – NEVER – not even for a second, considered giving up.” Similarlly, no matter what we, Macedonians, have gone through, we will “NEVER,  NEVER” give up!

This petition is open to all Macedonians, young and old, in Macedonia, around the worldwide, friends of Macedonians and all people who care about human rights.  Please send this petition to everyone!  The goal is to obtain 10,000 signatures weekly.  Please help us achieve this goal! Tell all your friends and family about this petition.  Make sure that after you have clicked on preview signature to click on approve signature, otherwise, your signature will not be included. 

To this end, UMDiaspora would like to make it known to the International Community that the Macedonian people will no longer tolerate changes to their name, their identity, their national flag, symbols, and anthem, and existing territorial borders. UMDiaspora believes strongly in the rights to freedom, liberty, and self-determination.

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