New Generation M Appointments and Exciting Expansion to Australia and Europe

The new year brings new faces – and new frontiers – to Generation M – the United Macedonian Diaspora’s global young leaders program! We’re delighted to announce the appointment of eight regional representatives located in Canada, the United States, and the first-ever European and Australian representatives. With skill sets ranging from International Relations and Human Rights to Health Sciences and Economics, they are more than ready to take the Macedonian Diaspora’s youth scene by storm.

Kristina Dimitrievski and Petar Petrovski, Generation M’s Global Co-Chairs said:

“Congratulations to everyone on the team for building Generation M into an organization that attracts a cohort of phenomenal new members like the ones that just joined, and congratulations to said members on being the catalyst behind Gen M’s goal of establishing a global footprint. With more active ambassadors than ever, we’re beyond excited to spread the word about the programs we help run and the mission we so deeply care about. Welcome!”

Luka Petrusevski, Generation M’s Chair of Canadian Operations said:

“With the selection of these representatives, I hope that we’ve set the tone for what Generation M has in store for 2019. This team is filled with individuals who are passionate about Macedonia and care about its future; something that I’m sure will become self-evident as the year goes on. That being said, it’s time for us to get to work. We’ve got big goals and I couldn’t be more excited to welcome our new members on board!”

Natasha Carovska, Generation M’s Chair of U.S. Operations said:

“Macedonia needs its visionaries, its explorers, its problem-solvers, its dreamers – More than ever. I am so thrilled to welcome the new members of Generation M in 2019 – I know that this year we are one step closer to creating a beautiful world together.”

Learn more about Generation M and the online publication UMD Voice by clicking HERE.

Meet our Reps:

Evgenija Kiteska – Michigan, USA
Evgenija was born in Prilep, Macedonia and moved to America at the age of three. As time time went on, she started to become more fascinated with Macedonian culture and history, which eventually fueled her to study it constantly, eventually she built a desire to become a history professor. Evgenija currently attends Macomb Community College, but will be transferring to Oakland University shortly to further her education. Evgenija is also a humanitarian. Every year when she goes back to Macedonia, she volunteers at orphanages or helps the less fortunate families in the nearby villages around her.

Francesca Metlov – Chicago, USA
Francesca is currently an undergraduate student at DePaul University in Chicago. Her studies are primarily focused on Health Sciences with a concentration in bioscience. One of her main goals is to advance within the healthcare industry as she follows her passion towards medicine. As a UMD member, she plans to give back to the Macedonian community and inspire her Macedonian peers.

Jasmina Naum – Maryland, USA
Jasmina was born in Mala Prespa, Albania, and moved to the United States at the age of 10. She is currently a candidate for a Bachelor of Science in Biology at Loyola University Maryland. Jasmina is an aspiring doctor and is on a pre-med track at her university. Jasmina is a proud Macedonian, she has always been interested in Macedonian affairs and is excited to be a part of an organization such as the United Macedonian Diaspora that spreads awareness of our culture. This upcoming summer, Jasmina plans to complete an internship in Spain with the Atlantis Fellowship Program. She will be shadowing doctors and expanding her medical experience.

Ena Peeva – Italy
Ena is a young expert working in active youth involvement in society and creating future job opportunities. She is currently based in Milan, Italy, after successfully concluding a project in the Ecuadorian Amazon. She is a co-founder of a social venture in Italy: Eduactive, working in the education sector, and providing high level academic opportunities abroad and in Italy to young people with significant academic merit. Ena is actively involved in creating opportunities for sustainable tourism and inclusion of young people as active actors. One of her major projects is producing a feasibility study that will analyze the potential of Lake Dojran in Macedonia for becoming a sustainable center for tourism, dedicated to young people. In her free time she enjoys travelling, catching up with friends and enjoying the sun!

Alexander Polinsky – Chicago, USA
Alex is a first generation Macedonian-American originally from Columbus, Ohio, currently living in Chicago, Illinois. He has a passion for bringing people together and has experience doing this for a range of causes. Alex joined Generation M to learn more about his culture and ancestry through putting on events and engaging others. He graduated from Miami University with a B.S in Business Economics and Data Analytics in 2018, and now works as an analyst for J.P. Morgan Chase.

Jana Savevska – Greater Toronto Area, Canada
Born in Skopje and raised near Toronto, Jana Savevska became involved in the Macedonian-Canadian community through attending events which aim to promote the Macedonian cause in various ways from protests to conferences. More recently, she has volunteered by teaching English to young students outside Skopje, assisting at Macedonian church Sunday schools, and working with a Canadian-Guatemalan charity providing access to youth education. Jana is currently a third year student at the University of Toronto aspiring to complete a B.A in Political Science and History. She hopes to use her degree to pursue a career in politics and diplomacy, ultimately seeking to bring the topic of Macedonian human rights to the forefront.

Stefani Taskova – Australia
Stefani Taskova is a second-generation Macedonian-Australian with family roots from Veles, Macedonia, and Lerin, Aegean Macedonia. Stefani has recently completed her Bachelor’s Degree at Monash University with a double major in International Relations and Human Rights, as well as a minor in Politics, where she was later offered to complete a Master of International Relations.

She has been involved in the Macedonian community in Melbourne from the age of 7, dancing in the Macedonian folklore group at her local church community “Saint Dimitrij Solunski,” and tutoring/mentoring young Macedonians at the Macedonian Youth Initiative (MYI), which she is the current acting president. A big passion of hers has not only been to help Macedonian youths reach their highest potential and achieve their goals, but has also been to promote and teach others outside of the Macedonian community about her Macedonian background, which she has achieved through various article publications at a number of organisations. She hopes to take this passion of hers and build a career that will help further the Macedonian cause.

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