MP Petrov on Macedonia’s NATO Aspirations

The United Macedonian Diaspora (UMD) hosted Macedonian Member of Parliament Andrej Petrov and member of the Macedonia-U.S. Parliamentary Friendship Group for a timely roundtable discussion on “Macedonia’s NATO Aspirations and Southeast Europe Regional Stability” today at our offices in Washington, D.C. Mr. Petrov thanked UMD for its hard work in Washington, D.C. to promote Macedonia.

Mr. Petrov discussed the need for Macedonia to join NATO at the upcoming UK Summit in September 2014 and the importance of U.S. engagement in helping Macedonia and Greece to resolve their differences. 

He stressed that Greece must adhere to international legal principles and there must be a strong message from Washington on the matter. In his opinion, Macedonia has not violated the Interim Accord, unlike Greece, which has according to the 2011 International Court of Justice ruling in Macedonia vs. Greece.

On domestic affairs, he predicted that the already scheduled April 13th Presidential elections in Macedonia will also be held together with early Parliamentary elections.

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