JUST PUBLISHED: UMD Voice Magazine Spring 2014 Issue

We are so pleased to bring to you the new and revived UMD Voice magazine. A huge thank you goes to UMD Tennessee representative, and UMD Voice’s new designer Nikola Cuculovski, for volunteering to lead the rebranding and progressive look of our premier publication.


What’s in this Issue?

  • Interviews with Macedoniaís Presidential Candidates
  • Washington, D.C.ís New Faces of Real Estate
  • Book Review of The Macedonians (you can purchase the book by clicking here)
  • From Miami to Macedonia Reception Highlights
  • The Bizarre, Delusional World of the Grkomani
  • Save the Date for Toronto and Washington, D.C. Galas

We already started working on the summer issue, which we hope to come out by end of July and will include the Macedonian Diasporaís 40 under 40 list. Stay tuned.

We would love to get your feedback on what you think of UMD Voice and ways how we can improve it. What do you want to read in future issues of UMD Voice? Can you volunteer to write articles? Please e-mail us at UMDVoice@umdiaspora.org. 

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