Judge Naumoff to Speak at UMD 15th Anniversary and 40 Under 40 Awards Ceremony

Phillip S. Naumoff was born in Toronto, Canada in 1961 to Spiro and Christina Naumoff, a family with deep Macedonian history. His father, born in Orovo, Aegean Macedonia, was a Macedonian child refugee who was evacuated to the then-Czechoslovakia during the Greek Civil War at the age of 10, finally being reunited with his parents in 1956. Naumoff’s mother, Christina was born in Srebreno, Aegean Macedonia, his Baba who was from Rudari joined the Democratic Army’s women’s committee, and his Uncle fought and died with the partisans. During his youth in Mansfield, Ohio, Naumoff, himself, did not speak English until he was six years old.

Naumoff graduated from the Miami University with a B.A. in English, with a concentration on journalism. He went on to earn his J.D. from the University of Toledo’s School of Law.

He currently is serving as Judge of the Richland County Common Pleas Court, General Division, after winning the seat in the 2018 election. In his role as Judge, Naumoff oversees felony cases within Richland County.

Prior to his election, Naumoff served as a magistrate for the Mansfield Municipal Court. There he oversaw the Drug and Alcohol Treatment Court, Veterans Court, Mental Health Court, Domestic Violence Court and Extension Court, which deals with issues like human trafficking. Before that, Naumoff worked in private law firms, spending sixteen of those years arguing in the common pleas court.

Naumoff resides in Mansfield, Ohio with his family and continues to remember his Macedonian heritage. Naumoff and his family are still actively involved in the Macedonian community and help spearhead the annual Mansfield Macedonian Fest to celebrate Macedonian heritage.

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