Generation M Young Macedonian Leaders Meet with former President Ivanov to discuss Macedonia

On the 22nd of February, Melbourne Generation M – Young Macedonian Leaders attended the Inaugural Charity Gala Dinner hosted by the Macedonian Community Welfare Association (MCWA). The honorary patron of the event was the former President of the Republic of Macedonia Dr. Gjorge Ivanov. The young Macedonian leaders were pleased to have attended the event, celebrating the humanitarian efforts of MCWA and recognising Australia’s ageing Macedonian population. The attendance of our Generation M youth especially highlights the importance, and need, to continuously empower and support our Macedonian youth as they continue to contribute and get involved in the wider Australian-Macedonian community.

Generation M would like to wholeheartedly thank all of those who sponsored and assisted UMD in funding the attendance of our youths to the Charity Gala Dinner. Their support has not gone unnoticed, as Generation M truly appreciates the support of our Macedonian community.

Our Generation M Melbourne representatives were also successful in organising and arranging a brief meeting with Dr. Gjorge Ivanov on the 27th of February. Despite timely constraints, Generation M representatives, Marija Anevska and Elena Sekulovska, along with UMD Australia Director, Ordan Andreevski attended the meeting, discussing a vast range of topics, including the crisis in Macedonia and Ivanov’s School of Young Leaders, which will be taking place in August 2020.

These events highlight the enthusiasm and dedication of Generation M youth who are continuously striving to strengthen ties with the Macedonian community at large, representing and advocating on behalf of Macedonian youths globally. The next generation of Macedonian leaders highlights that it is of utmost importance that the Macedonian diaspora continues to support and acknowledge the efforts of our young Macedonian leaders who are eager to make an impact and contribute to change.

Светот останува на младите (the world remains in the hands of the youth).

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