We Have Always Been, Are, and Will Always Be Macedonia

Just hours ago, Greece’s President, Prokopis Pavlopoulos, made inflammatory and patently false remarks about Macedonia, claiming that Macedonia “was, is, and will remain Greek.” He continued his historically illiterate diatribe by claiming that Macedonians “falsify history” and “use a name that it is not entitled to.”

We here at the United Macedonian Diaspora strongly condemn these statements. We find it ironic that the Greek president accuses Macedonians of utilizing a false historical narrative, when the only way that he could possibly believe that is if he is using one himself. The long and distinguished history of the Macedonian people, culture, and way of life is self-evident, and anyone who does not acknowledge this reality is simply willfully ignorant and beyond the ability to be reasoned with.

This is yet another example of Greece’s many attempts to delegitimize our identity and our very existence. However, the Greek President has made the egregious error of assuming that the Macedonian community is going to allow his statements to go by unacknowledged and unchallenged.

As the most prolific voice for the global Macedonian community, UMD stands vehemently opposed to this blatant bigotry, and calls upon Macedonians everywhere to take part in showing the Greek president that Macedonia is proud, independent, and here to stay.

Click HERE to join our campaign and stand up for our homeland. United, We Can.

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