UMD Thanks Congressman K. Michael Conaway

June 18, 2008

The Honorable K. Michael Conaway
511 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515

RE:  Withdrawal of Sponsorship of House Resolution 356

Dear Congressman Conaway:

On behalf of all Macedonian-Americans, the United Macedonian Diaspora (UMD) thanks you for withdrawing your co-sponsorship of House Resolution 356. 

Your wise decision to withdraw your sponsorship of House Resolution 356 honors the Republic of Macedonia, the outstanding relationship amongst the United States and Macedonia, and is welcomed by all Macedonian-Americans as House Resolution 356 inaccurately portrays Macedonia’s constructive approach to resolving the unfortunate “name dispute” over Macedonia’s name.  Your decision is also in keeping with our nation’s rightful policy of recognizing and employing Macedonia’s constitutional name, the Republic of Macedonia, and our nation’s desire that Macedonia be admitted to NATO.

As you know, Macedonia is a strong and committed ally of the United States with combat troops serving alongside American troops in both Iraq and Afghanistan.  Macedonia, like the United States, is committed to the principles of individual liberty, civil rights, freedom, and the rule of law.  Macedonia’s transformation from a constituent republic of a failed communist state to a stable. multi-ethnic, democratic and independent nation is a remarkable success story; Macedonia’s continued success and its full Euro-Atlantic integration, including its NATO and EU membership, should not be impeded by Greece’s baseless objection to Macedonia’s name.

Once more, on behalf of all Macedonian-Americans, thank you for withdrawing your sponsorship of House Resolution 356 and for your service to the American people and our great nation.


Metodija A. Koloski


Founded in 2004, United Macedonian Diaspora (UMD) is an international non-governmental organization addressing the interests and needs of Macedonians and Macedonian communities throughout the world.
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