UMD Responds to Zaev’s Resignation

The United Macedonian Diaspora (UMD), the leading global organization for Macedonians abroad, issued the following response to this morning’s news that Zoran Zaev has resigned:

“Zoran Zaev’s resignation is a moment for pause and reflection for Macedonians around the world. His actions in the last 3 years are beyond party-political. By forcing through a referendum with a result that did not honor the conditions he set, he’s attempted to demonstrate that Macedonian identity is on the political bargaining table. It is not.”

“The events leading to this resignation are a stark warning that the electorate has and never will sanction their history being used as a bargaining tool. Again, this is not a party-political point. Macedonia’s name, and Macedonian culture and history must be preserved and protected, and any leader who takes it upon themselves to think they are bigger than the office they inhabit at the pleasure of Macedonian voters is mistaken.”

“Hopefully, as 2020 begins, this can be a moment for reconciliation and construction as we tackle the challenges of the New Year.”

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