UMD Poll: Over 90% Macedonians are Against a Name Change

Over 90% of Macedonians are in favor of preserving the name, identity, language and call for a census right away.

In order to understand the opinions of the Macedonian people, the United Macedonian Diaspora (UMD) conducted a scientific poll of 10 questions between March 12-22, 2018, concerning the sovereignty and unitary character of Macedonia. 1,429 participants took part in the poll.

UMD considers this way of examination of public opinion a credible source for the opinion of the people about the official government policy in the Republic of Macedonia. This poll was not sponsored by any organization and is an initiative solely by UMD.

The results of this survey are the free expression of all interested in contributing to the creation of public opinion, and at no time did UMD have selected participants, nor did it make any incentive in order to contribute to the opinion of the participants.

The results of 1429 participants are the following:

Should the Republic of Macedonia protect its name, language and identity, in accordance with its Constitution, despite outside pressures?

Do you support changing the constitutional name of the Republic of Macedonia? Macedonia, language and identity, in order to meet the Greek demands for approval of EU and NATO accession?

Do you agree to change Macedonia’s name, language and identity to enter NATO and the EU?

Does a change in Macedonia’s name mean a change of identity?

Should Macedonia stop UN negotiations?

Is the census a priority for Macedonia?

Where do you live?

What is your ethnic background?

What is your gender?

What is your age range?

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