UMD Mourns Tragic Loss of TTC Worker Peter Pavlovski

The United Macedonian Diaspora Canada (UMD Canada), the voice of Canada’s close to a quarter of a million Canadian-Macedonians, mourns the loss of Peter Pavlovski, an employee of the Toronto Transit Commission who was tragically hit by a service train last Friday. 

UMD Canada expresses its sincere condolences to the wife and three children of Mr. Pavlovski, to his entire extended family and to everyone who knew and worked with him.  Mr. Pavlovski was a transit employee for 22 years.

“Mr. Pavlovski was a loving husband, father, son, friend, community member, hard worker, and a proud Macedonian,” said UMD Canada Liaison Officer Goran Saveski. “His loss is a loss for all Canadian-Macedonians who immigrated to this great nation for better opportunities.”

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