UMD Generation M Hosts Moral Compass & Cocktails with Author Erika Teneva

People of all backgrounds came together to celebrate the inspirational collection of poems in Moral Compass by Author Erika Teneva on Saturday, June 15, 2019 at the UMD office in Washington, D.C. A native-born Macedonian, Erika moved with her family at a young age to the United States. Eager to relearn her background, her Macedonian heritage, and her mother tongue, Erika began to spend her summers in Macedonia. After graduation, Erika published her first book “Moral Compass” as a collection of poems that has gained support within many communities, readers, and poetry enthusiasts.

The book promotion began with cocktails, Macedonian appetizers, and light-hearted socializing. The attendees then transitioned into the conference room where UMD’s Generation M Global Co-Chair Kristina Dimitrievski held a brief interview with Erika. Passionate excerpts of the book were read that left not a single dry eye in the room. Questions from the audience followed as Erika’s fans asked about her upcoming projects and writings. UMD was honored to have Erika Teneva and all those who attended the event.

Moral Compass is a collection of poems brought together to narrate dreams, depict family dynamics, and retell folklore. The mystical meets reality with the musings of psychological and philosophical renderings of political tension, personal struggle, modern day absurdities, and of course, love.

You can purchase Moral Compass in paperback and on Kindle HERE.

Photos courtesy of Lidija Muscolino and can be found HERE.

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