UMD Congratulates Sydney-based Macedonian Library on 35th Anniversary

The United Macedonian Diapsora (UMD) is pleased to congratulate the Grigor Prlicev Macedonian Literary Society and Library in Sydney, Australia as they mark their 35th Anniversary.  The Library, named after the well-known Macedonian author Grigor Prlicev, was founded on March 31, 1978 by a group of enthusiastic members of the Australian-Macedonian community in Sydney in order to perserve, study, and promote the Macedonian language and literary works.  

“I had the privilege of visiting the Library during my trip to Australia in February 2010 to promote UMD, and was amazed at the hard-work put in by these passionate and talented writers/linguists to build this Macedonian library,” said UMD President Metodija A. Koloski.  

“35 years is an historic moment for our community, and the mission of the Library to enrich Australia’s multicultural society through Macedonian literary works will be cherished and furthered for many years to come with the support and involvement of our younger generations,” said UMD Sydney/NSW Representative Alexander Avramoski.

UMD recognized Ivan Trposki, a member of the Literary Society and the Diaspora’s most published author, during its 3rd Annual Global Conference in Washington, D.C. in June 2011.


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