UMD Congratulates Canadian Macedonian Place on 40th Anniversary

UMD congratulates the Canadian Macedonian Place (CMP) on its 40th Anniversary. The Canadian Macedonian Place is an accredited senior’s community focused on creating a safe home for seniors that celebrate Macedonian culture and heritage. Their mission to provide quality and affordable accommodations as well as medical resources, social activities, and companionship to seniors is an admirable cause that UMD supports.

The Canadian Macedonian Place, founded through the vision of Dotsa and John Bitove and Vassa and Theodore Evans, opened its doors in 1979. It is a non-profit focused on creating the best possible community to bring the Macedonian and Canadian cultures closer together. Events such as the Macedonian Open golf tournament, one of Canada’s longest-running golf tournaments, collect donations necessary to keep CMP running.

The exemplary commitment of the Canadian Macedonian Place through their celebration of Macedonian lifestyles has led to 40 years of continued growth and success. UMD wishes the best for the Canadian Macedonian Place going forward.

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