UMD Celebrates 115th and 74th Anniversaries of Ilinden and ASNOM

On August 2, 1903, St. Elijah’s Day, the great Macedonian Ilinden Uprising against the Ottoman Empire started in the city of Krushevo. This symbol of the revolutionary struggle of the Macedonian people and their aspiration for a free, independent and sovereign state, coupled with the first session of the Anti-Fascist Assembly for the People’s Liberation of Macedonia, ASNOM, on August 2, 1944 in the monastery St. Prohor Pchinski, laid the very foundations of the modern Republic of Macedonia.

115 years after Ilinden and 74 years after the first session of ASNOM, the United Macedonian Diaspora (UMD) honors the sacrifices made by Macedonian daughters and sons, who with their progressive values and interpretation of the world as a field for cultural competition among peoples, serves as a testament for generations to come. Today, UMD Macedonia Director Veronika Tomova laid a wreath at the statue dedicated to ASNOM President Metodija Andonov Cento.

The history of the Macedonian people abounds with political oppression and injustice, but both then and now, UMD believes that we must carry on the vision for a Macedonia, free, independent, and sovereign – an equal in the world. Considering that each generation has its own battle, in memory of the sacrifices made by our ancestors, UMD calls for unity among all Macedonians, and a dignified defense of the Macedonian name, history and identity, at a time when their continuity is seriously threatened.

Let us celebrate Ilinden for years to come, let us celebrate the Day of the Republic – a symbol of Macedonian statehood!

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