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Since UMD’s inception in 2004, Macedonian-Australians have played an important role in setting the foundations for the creation of a leading professional grassroots civil society organisation.  UMD hopes to build upon this proud tradition in the years ahead by attracting the best and brightest volunteer grassroots activists in Australia.  In particular, young and established professionals who have the capacity and the passion to advance the interests of our community in Australia and internationally.

While UMD has its international headquarters in Washington D.C, Australian operations have been a great focus of attention given that Australia is home to one of the largest émigré populations of Macedonians outside of Macedonia with approximately 250,000-300,000 strong.  Having arrived in waves since the early 1900s, the Macedonian community in Australia is the bedrock for relations between Australia and their ancestral homeland, Macedonia.

UMD Australia is a registered incorporated association based out of Melbourne, Victoria.

To learn more about the history, goals, and challenges of the Macedonian community in Australia, we invite you to read the August 2012 Report published by the Australian Research Council Linkage Project entitled “The Macedonian Diaspora in Australia: Current and Potential Links with the Homeland.”  Please click HERE to download the report.

Volunteer for UMD Australia

UMD Australia is aware that a growing number of Macedonian-Australians of all ages and friends of the community are interested and available to advance the Macedonian cause by supporting one or more UMD programs.  Volunteering is a great way to get involved and contribute to the better development of our community, Australia, Macedonia, and the bilateral relations between both nations.

The benefits of volunteering include knowing that you can make a difference to the Macedonian cause, as well as meeting many interesting, well-established members of our community, and participating in great networking events.  Volunteers can work on a whole range of campaigns and projects, assisting with educational campaigns, implementing community development projects, media relations and so forth.  Volunteering opportunities exist in: Community Engagement, Government Relations, Media, Campaigns, Youth Affairs, and Leadership Development.  

If interested in volunteering, please e-mail


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