UMD Australia: What are the issues facing Macedonians in Australia?

The United Macedonian Diaspora (Australia), and its young leaders’ program Generation M, are pleased to inform the Australian Macedonian community and the media that we will be making a written submission to the Australian Senate Inquiry into Issues Facing Diaspora Communities in Australia by 31 July 2020. 
UMD Australia encourages all Macedonians living in Australia, either individually or through community groups that they are associated with, to provide a submission. 
The Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade References Committee (Australian Senate) will subsequently prepare a report into the inquiry: Issues facing diaspora communities in Australia. 
The terms of reference for the committee are as follows:
• Support offered to diaspora community associations and similar organisations, including government grants and other funding;
• Safety concerns among diaspora communities, and means for strengthening the protection and resilience of vulnerable groups;
• Barriers to the full participation of diaspora communities in Australia’s democratic and social institutions, and mechanisms for addressing these barriers;
• Opportunities to strengthen communication and partnerships between government and diaspora communities in Australia; and
• any related matters.
How you can make a positive difference for the Macedonian diaspora in Australia
This inquiry provides the Macedonian community, as a significant diaspora in Australia, an opportunity to communicate its views on the most pressing issues facing it as they relate to the terms of reference above. 
UMD Australia strongly encourages the Macedonian community including organisations and associations, academics, businesses, and individuals to add value to the inquiry by making a written submission to the Senate. Alternatively, UMD invites the Macedonian diaspora to convey any views in writing via email to UMD Australia for possible inclusion in the UMD submission to the inquiry by 15 July 2020 (contacts below). 
Information on the inquiry can be found online by following this link
Ordan Andreevski 0438 385 466 
Elena Sekulovska
Verka Sekulovska 0402 051 611
Filip Despotoski 0438 007 703 
Izabela Barakovska  
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