UMD Applauds Resolution Endorsing Balkan Countries’ NATO Bids

WASHINGTON, D.C. – February 26, 2008 – The United Macedonian Diaspora (UMD) applauds the introduction of Senate Resolution 459 (S. Res. 459) endorsing NATO membership for Albania, Croatia, and Macedonia.  S. Res. 459, introduced by Indiana Senator Richard Lugar and Ohio Senator George Voinovich, is a sign of U.S. support and goodwill towards the people of these countries, all of which expect to receive invitations to join NATO at the Bucharest Summit in April.    

Macedonia’s transition to freedom has been a long and challenging one.  Through a strong commitment to democratic reform and support from strong allies such as the United States of America, Macedonia now meets the criteria for NATO membership.  Macedonia has fostered stable government institutions including a professional, multi-ethnic army contributing peacekeeping troops to Afghanistan, Bosnia, Kosovo, and the U.S. led mission in Iraq.  Macedonia’s continued success in building a multi-ethnic society proves that coexistence in the Balkans is possible and in the best interest of the region.

UMD commends Senators Lugar and Voinovich’s recognition of Macedonia’s strategic geopolitical position in Southeast Europe and the need to fortify the strong relationship that Macedonia has formed with NATO.  S. Res. 459 expresses a true commitment to stability in the Balkans.  NATO membership is important to the continued progress of Macedonia, especially as it aspires to join the European Union and attract foreign direct investment, bringing long-lasting prosperity, security, and stability to the entire Balkan region.

To read the text of the resolution, click HERE

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