Shed light on your Macedonian identity and ancestry in the 2011 Australian Census

According to the 2006 Australian Census there were over 83,000 Australians who declared their Macedonian identity. The greater the number of people with Macedonian identity and ancestry, the more attention will be paid to the community by the government and important organisations and groups.

The forthcoming Census on 9 August 2011 is an excellent opportunity for everyone in our community to freely and accurately declare their connection with Macedonia through birth, language, ancestry and religion. Participation by everyone is important because by correctly completing the Census form you can:

– Meet your legal obligations to the Australian Bureau of Statistics;
– Build the profile of the Macedonian community across Australia;
– Empower the Macedonian community to get better educational, health, social and policy outcomes from the Australian Government and the Australian Parliament as well as from state and local government; 
– Assist the Australian Government as well as state and local government to better understand and plan for the diverse needs of the Macedonian community;
– Help researchers and policy makers  in Australia and in Macedonia to develop evidence based reports and policies in support of the Macedonian diaspora;
– Contribute to the historical profile of Macedonians in Australia which current and future generations can use to map and piece together family units and family trees.

The ABS Census is an important source of information on the state of the Australian multicultural nation and the state of the Macedonian community.  It captures important information which government, industry and communities can use to plan and deliver better social, economic and environmental outcomes for Australian society.  

The Australian-Macedonian Human Rights Committee has prepared two leaflets in both English and Macedonian to bring awareness about the importance of the Australian Census for Macedonians.  There are four questions on the Census that specifically relate to Australian Macedonians. (In English) (In Macedonian)

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