Our Inherited Legacies: Macedonian Generations Through the Decades


Across the globe and over the years, Macedonian immigrants have spread and shared our culture, language, and heritage.

Our traditions have been passed from generation to generation, sharing our rich history with the leaders of today and tomorrow.

At the United Macedonian Diaspora, it is our mission to help create spaces and occasions for celebrating our global links and shared stories.

Help us strengthen our narrative by sharing your own Macedonian family history as part of our One Family celebration – see images below.

We are inviting members of our community to donate in honor of family members and friends, living or no longer with us.

With each donation made, we’re seeking photos and stories of loved ones to showcase on our website and across communication channels, culminating in a physical exhibit in the future. Photos and stories can be e-mailed to info@umdiaspora.org.

It is our hope that together, we can remember those who have passed on and celebrate the shared, global Macedonian community they helped create for all who follow.

We’ve set a goal of $100,000 to help us continue our work educating others, protecting our legacy, and celebrating our shared stories.

Join us in our cause. United, We Can.

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Sincerely yours,

Stojan Nikolov
UMD Chairman
Massachusetts, USA

Vonna Bitove
UMD Council Member
Toronto, Canada

Vera Sekulovska
UMD Australia Director and Global Board Member
Sydney, Australia

Meto Koloski
UMD President
Washington, D.C., USA

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